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The AEM 7 #900-909
the "Toasters"

 The AEM7s were based on the Swedish RC series of locomotive.
Here is RC2 #1129 (built 1974) in Malmoe Sweden, taken by
Helge Kristoffersson in May 2000
 A photo of Croatian ASEA - 1141 301. This is new Croatian color scheme (inspired with state flag) for thyristor locomotives. Photo by Toma Bacic 
In late 1976 and early 1977, Amtrak tested the prototype of the AEM7, a Swedish R4c. Numbered X995 for its tests, it was built by ASEA (Allmanna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget) an old and well - established Swedish Electric Corporation. 
X995 at Sunnyside Yard New York City January 1977 
 X995 at Wilmington DE Shops February 1977

The first AEM7 was built at EMD at La Grange IL in mid November 1979.
AEM7 stands for (ASEA Electro-Motive 7000 hp). The locomotive design, trucks, major electrical components are from Sweden - the body from Budd - and was assembled by EMD.
This new (to U.S.) straight electric locomotive was the replacement for the GG-1.

They weigh 101 tons (versus 238-ton GG1). With all the weight on eight drivers, the AEM7 has the highest horsepower to weight ratio (70hp/ton) ever, coupled with a sophisticated wheelslip control (Pressductor) system.

The AEM7s were designed to operate on three voltages:
12,000VAC/25 cycle (old PRR standard),
12,500VAC/60 cycle standard utility frequency for stations, tunnels
25,000V, AC new standard utility frequency for Northeast Corridor

Amtrak had been planing to change the North east corridor to the cheaper 25000v electric for several years and need a locomotive that could bridge the change over. The E-60s could be converted but the GG-1,
E-33 and E44 could not be.

Numbers 900-929 were delivered throughout 1980 and early 1981. The second order for 930-946 were ordered soon after.

Another first is the use of both tread and disk brakes on all wheels. They are equipped with dynamic brakes and HEP.

The first thirty cost over $1.5 million each, and the next seventeen, over $2.5 million each.

Currently there are 52 of them numbered 901-953, geared for 125 mph.
These 7000HP units weigh 201,500lbs

Built 1980-1988 in several orders

In 1999 # 915 is slated to be the first unit to undergo a re-manufacturing program at the Wilmington Locomotive Shop.
All ASEA propulsion and HEP equipment has been removed and structural reinforcement modifications are underway. ALHSTROM is
supplying all new propulsion, HEP, and new AC traction motors. All components are designed to fit present A7 body and trucks.
Re-manufactured AEM7 to be reclassified as AEM7-AC.

2012 - Replacements ordered - the end is near

It is time to start efforts to preserve one of these workhorses!

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Location & Information  Date  Photo Credit
 Pueblo CO
DOT Test Track
Oct 10, 1980  Robert Harman
 Chicago IL
900 and 903 were destroyed in a tragic wreck on January 4, 1987 in Chase, MD.
 September 1983  from the
collection of
Joseph Testagrose
 Newark NJ  July 2, 1980  from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
 Washington DC  May 24, 1981  Bob Grahm
   Washington DC  May 24, 1981  Bob Grahm
 New Haven CT unknown  from the
collection of
Albert Phleep
Wilmington Shops DE
with replacements on the way - it looks like Amtrak is letting theire age show
Sept 2013 T J Van Haag
    Wilmington Shops DE
with replacements on the way - it looks like Amtrak is letting theire age show
Sept 2013 T J Van Haag
 New Haven CT  October 1986  Camille Chappuis
 Washington DC  January 21, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
 Washington DC  October 1997  Bill Hakkarinen
 before it was destroyed in a tragic wreck on
Jan 4, 1987 in Chase MD
   from the
collection of
Albert Phleep
 Leaving Baltimore MD July 1997  Bill Hakkarinen
904 AMTK - Tacony (Philadelphia) PA
Oct 21, 2014 Gerhard Stuebben
904 AMTK - Tacony (Philadelphia) PA
Oct 21, 2014 Gerhard Stuebben
 New Haven CT June 7, 1981  from the
collection of
Frank Szachaccz
 New York NY
Penn Station
 May 27,1998  Jeff Lubchansky
 New Carrollton MD Jan 19, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
 Landover MD Jan 19, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
Westwood MA   Oct 11, 2002  Adrian Turner
 Martin Airport MD
( Middle River )
 July 1997  Bill Hakkarinen
 Wilmington, DE
906 leads, 950 trails
Dedicated to the men and women who fought for our country.
Taken on Memorial Day with total freedom... Train # M211.
  May 28, 2001  Bruce Friedman
 BWI Rail Station MD  May 1993  Bill Hakkarinen
 in the new "Acela Express"
paint scheme
 Nov 1999  Rob Palmer
 Martin Airport MD
(Middle River)
 January 25, 2000  Bill Hakkarinen
 Most of the time we think of the AEM-7's running down the Northeast Corridor. we tend to forget that they may be underground. Here is #907 in a typical underground scene, in New York's Pennsylvania Station.  May 18, 2000  Bill Hakkarinen
     Allen Tillotson
Stamford CT   Oct 23, 2005  
 New Haven CT  Jan 4, 1981  Joseph Testagrose
 Philadelphia PA  Jan 16, 1997  Dick Leonhardt
 New Carrollton MD  Jan 19, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
 Landover MD  Jan 19, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
 New Haven CT  February 1997  Stephen A Thomas
Willmington DE  September 2000  Ed Waldrup 

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