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The AEM 7 #920-929
the "Toasters"


  Location & Information Date  Photo Credit
 Northbound from Washington DC - taken from a MARC train - a tough shot since MARC has painted most of the end windows black
 June 1993
 Bill Hakkarinen
 Baltimore MD
 July 6, 2001
 Pete Pizsczek
 Sunnyside Yard NY
 September 12, 1981
from the
collection of
Frank Szachacz
 Washington DC
 May 24, 1981
 Bob Grahm
 New Carrollton MD
Jan 19, 1999
Dick Leonhardt 
 Oct 26, 2003
 Asa Worcester
 Landover MD
  Jan 19, 1999
Dick Leonhardt 
 Westwood MA
 May 12, 2001
Dick Leonhardt 
 Wilmington DE
Aug 11, 2001
 Ryan Keene
 Westwood MA
 Dec 14, 2002
 Adrian Turner
 Washington DC
January 1993
 Jeff Lubchansky
 New Rochelle
 June 28, 2000
Dick Leonhardt 
 New Haven CT
March 1990
Dick Leonhardt 
 West Balitimore MD
on a rainy day
 July 1996
 Bill Hakkarinen
 Wilmington DE
 June 24, 1998
Bill Waller

926 Philadelphia PA
taken at Race Street Engine terminal at the
30th St. Station
 March 1988  Stephen A. Thomas
926  New Haven CT  April 1, 2000 Dick Leonhardt 
  926   New Haven CT  April 1, 2000 Dick Leonhardt 
926  Washington DC
Union Station
 May 25, 2001  Pete Piszczek
 927 New Carrollton MD  unknown  Tom Rinehart
927 Washington DC  September 9, 1981 Frank Litzenburg
927  New Carrollton MD  January 18, 1999 Dick Leonhardt 


 Landover MD
 January 19, 1999  Dick Leonhardt 
928  Washington DC  March 1982    from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
928  unknown location  unknown   from the
collection of
Clint Chamberlin
928  New Carrollton MD  January 18, 1999  Dick Leonhardt


 January 17, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
 929  Wilmington DE  June 24, 1998  Bill Waller
  Boston Area Nov 2001 Ralph Carter


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