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the E units numbered above 440

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Originally the Amtrak E units numbered 400 and higher were E-9s

As retirements thinned the E-8s and the new F-40s needed the 200s and 300s and the lower 400
numbers there where several renumbering's to the higher 400s


 Harmon NY  Nov 7, 1977   Dick Leonhardt
441  Albany NY  Nov 7, 1977  Dick Leonhardt


 Atlanta GA

 Dec 1979

 from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
442  Wellesley Hills MA
former Amtrak 225 - ex L&N 795
built May 1951
rebuilt Jan 1974
renumbered November 1975
 March 1978  Dick Leonhardt
 444  Albany / Rensselaer NY
former Amtrak 233 / ex SCL 575
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 June 16,1977  Arnold H Marcher
 444  Albany / Rensselaer NY
It's window washing time!
Nice shot!
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 June 16, 1977  Arnold H Morscher
444  Wellesley Farms MA
built June 1946
rebuilt May 1974
renumbered from 233 to 444 November 1975
 June 197  Dick Leonhardt
448  Wellesley MA  July 1978  Dick Leonhardt
449 Chicago IL  unknown   unknown 
449  On the Floridian arriving at the Auto-Train terminal in Louisville.  August 1977  GR Harper
449 unknown  unknown   unknown 
   449   Harrisburg PA
Appears to be in
the deadline
June 14, 1979   Michael F DeSoi Sr.
from the
collection of
Dan Halpert
  457  Albany NY   Nov 7, 1977  Dick Leonhardt
 457  Wellesley Farms MA  Dec 1977  Dick Leonhardt

 461  Wellesley Farms MA  Dec 1977  Dick Leonhardt
 461  Framingham MA  Dec 1978  Dick Leonhardt
461  Framingham MA  Dec 1978  Dick Leonhardt
 461  Albany NY  Nov 7, 1977   Dick Leonhardt

468 Southport LA
near New Orleans
Stored sn 26673 built 8/61 Privately owned as 4307

ex AMT 468, ex AMT 414, ex AMT 1414, nee UP 909
2010 Leo W Persick Jr

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