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the F-40PHR #322-328 - the eighth order

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  #  Location & Information  Date  Photo Credit
322  Los Angeles CA   Jan 24, 2000  Dick Leonhardt 
322 hauling the SILVER METEOR up from Florida to Penn Station in NYC
 322  Framingham MA  March 28, 2000  Dick Leonhardt 
323  Elkhart IN  November 1993  Dick Leonhardt 
323  Wellesley Farms MA  June 1997  Dick Leonhardt
323  Framingham MA  March 20, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
323  Framingham MA  Feb 27, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
 323 Rt 128 Westwood MA
used on the last run of the Pioneer back in May 1997. Amtrak personnel put a sad face on the nose of the engine, using the headlight as a nose, but adding eyes and a sad smile below it. They removed the sad smile, but evidentally left the "eyes"
thanks to D Culree for the "eye" explination
 Dec 20, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
 323  New Haven CT  June 26, 2000  Dick Leonhardt
  323  Rt 128 MA  June 26, 2000  Dick Leonhardt
     324_1980-09-24_Borie, WY.jpg"    
 324  Baltimore MD  September 11, 1980  from the
collection of
Joseph Testagrose
324  Beach Grove
 October 1998  Jim Hebner
 324  Chicago IL  October 22, 1999

 324  Chicago IL  October 22, 1999

     325_1974-09-28_Lincoln, NE.jpg"    
 325     from the
collection of
Albert Phleep
326  unknown  unknown from the
collection of
Albert Phleep
326  unknown  unknown  from the
collection of
Joseph Testagrose
 326  Temple TX  unknown  Shane Deemer
 327  Roseville CA  June 1992  Mark Forbes
 327  near Tenino WA
southbound at MP 45 of BNs Seattle-Portland line
 June 7, 1997  John Cooper
 327      from the
collection of
Albert Phleep
 328  Rensselaer NY  September 3, 1995  Jeff Lubchansky


 Joliet IL

 October 1995

 Mike Raia
 328  Chicago IL

 June 13, 1987

John Benson
 from the
collection of
Albert Pheep

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