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   Loco #  Location & information  Date  Photo Credit
329   Ft. Worth TX  unknown  Shane Deemer
330  in freight service ?      from the
collection of
Albert Phleep
330 A Night Shot of Train 88-98 the Northbound Silver Meteor with 18 cars at Wilson NC at about 1am with Amtrak F40PHs 330 and 336 leading the of the two Heritage Fleet consist of the Silver Meteor and the third still being steam heated.   early Jan 1981  Bill Moye
330   Chicago IL  April 1997 Bill Hakkarinen
331  Glenwood Springs CO  Sept 1995  Bill Hakkarinen
332   Chicago IL
on a Hiawatha train
 March 3, 2000  Bill Hakkarinen
333  Dallas TX  April 8, 1984  J. Harlem Wilson
334  Wildwood FL  July 1981  from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
334   Saratoga Springs NY
pulling the American
Orient Express
Sept 27, 1998  Eric Morrell
  335   Kansas City MO April 1996  Bill Hakkarinen
336  Chicago IL October 6, 1988  Jim Shepard
337   Kansas City MO April 1996 Bill Hakkarinen
337 unknown  unknown    from the
collection of
Albert Phleep
337 337 leading the Adirondack unknown   Claude Langlois
338   South Boston MA
Happy New Year!
Jan 1, 1991  Ralph Philips
338    Chicago IL April 1992  Bill Hakkarinen
339 Washington DC   June 12, 1988  Allen Miller
340  Joliet IL
leading the State House
June 1987  Gary Clark
340  San Antonio TX
with the AOE!
 December 1995  MC Wikman
341 Rensselear NY Sept 13, 1981 Frank Szachacz
342   Milwaukee WS August 1992  Charles Hakkarinen
343  Dallas TX unknown  Shane Deemer
344   Harrisburg PA August 1994  Bill Hakkarinen
345 Dewitt NY August 1986  Jim Hebner
   345 Arlington VA
at a mail stop
1991  Robert Fish
345 Rensselear NY May 24, 1981 Frank Szachacz

  Sanford FL  Dec 31, 1995  Jeff Lubchansky

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