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     Location & Information  Date  Photo Credit
Sept 1985 
Bil Hakkarinen 
Charlottesville VA
#51 leaving in brutal winter conditions. BRRRRRRRR  
Early 1980
 GR Harper
 October 1989
 M Barton
Petersburg VA
Leo W Persick Jr
349 Framingham MA July 5, 1989

from the
collection of 
Joseph Testagrose

349   Pomona CA
part of train #3 -
the Southwest Chief
 Nov 1989   Bill Mahan
350 Pulling into Elkhart IN
350 is the trailing unit on
Lake Shore Limited
Oct 30,1999   Dick Leonhardt
351  Sanford FL  Dec 31, 1995  Jeff Lubchansky
352  Alexandria VA  1987  Dick Leonhardt
353  Chicago IL  April 1990  Jim Hebner
353  Portland OR
next to Amtrak #122 at the Union Station. #353 is substituting a F-59PHI Cascades unit for the Talgo Cascades route from Eugene to Portland.
 Oct 2, 2000  Christopher Lee
353  Portland OR  Oct 2, 2000  Christopher Lee
354  Hollywood FL
in Florida Fun Train Service
  Nov 29, 1997  Vinnie Della Torre
354  Framingham MA
no longer in Fun Train service
 Feb 13, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
  354  Milwaukee WS  Sept 30, 1999  USATRANSCOM
354  Milwaukee WS
train 338 shown on depot track 1 because #8 was running 2 hours late.
 October 8, 1999 USATRANSCOM

354   Milwaukee WS  October 8, 1999 USATRANSCOM
354  Boston MA
Southampton St Yard
   Ralph Carter
355  Washington DC  June 1995  Bill Hakkarinen
356    June 1995  Bill Hakkarinen
356  Seattle WA    Dan Callhoun
356  Milwaukee WS  Sept 30, 1999  USATRANSCOM
  357 Washington D.C.
The mainline seemed to split and run along both sides of the station platform. The tracks
closer to the platform on each side ended just out of sight in the pictures. This was the first (or last, depending on your viewpoint) stop for the local rapid transit service in this particular area of D.C.
 1991.  Michael Fullerton  

357  Brookfield IL  July 12, 1991 from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
358  Houston TX
A special train with 16 hi-level cars (9 superliner/7 ex-Santa Fe). It
was filled with Oiler fans going to New Orleans for Bum Phillips first
game as coach of the Saints.
 September 1981  Gary Morris
358  Selma NC
the Silver Star swinging off the
Southern's Goldsboro NC line on to the ACL's speedway
June 6, 1987  Craig Zeni
358  My guess is this was taken just before being painted fun train colors  March 1995  Bill Hakkarinen
358  Boca Raton FL
Fun Train Service
 Nov. 28, 1997  Vinnie Della Torre
358  Chicago IL  May 1999  Jim Hebner
358  Fort Worth TX
now repainted into phase IV paint there is an Oklahoma flag on the cab side
 Dec 1999  Stephen J Levine
358  Fort Worth TX
in service on the Heartland Flyer between Oklahoma City and Ft Worth
 Jan 2000  Stephen J Levine
358  Fort Worth TX
in service on the Heartland Flyer between Oklahoma City and Ft Worth
 March 2000  Stephen J Levine
Lead unit - eastbound
near Colon. Panama
ex-Amtrak 358
Feb 14, 2013
Jim Hebner
359   August 1989   Bill Hakkarinen
359  Beach Grove Shops
the TriRail F-40s are in the background
 Feb 12, 1997  Bill Volkmer

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