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the P-40 Genesis locos - #831-839

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  # Location & Information Date Photo Credit
831  Washington DC  August 1996  Bill Hakkarinen
831  Portland ME
Portland/Boston service is scheduled to begin on December 15, 2001. Shots were taken at Sewall Street where the Amtrak station and servicing facility is being built.
 October 20, 2001  Asa T. Worcester
832     .
833   Tucson AZ
eastbound Sunset Limited
 March 20, 1998  Jim Hebner
834  Tucson AZ
eastbound Sunset Limited
 March 23, 1998 Jim Hebner
836 Lorton VA
Train 52
 December 25, 1997  Jeff Lubchansky

#2 Sunset Limited
back in service!

837 Albany NY  Sept 24, 2001  Dick Leonhardt
  837 Portland OR  September 14, 1998  Bill Hakkarinen
837 North Haven CT
#837 as trailing unit on the northbound "Vermonter" at
 November 10, 2001  Asa T. Worcester
838 Danville VA
on display with other RR equipment at the Harvest Jubilee (It used to
be called the Tobacco Festival, but we can't have that these days.
 October 1995  GR Harper
838  Tucson AZ
eastbound Sunset Limited
note the new stripe!
 March 23, 1998  Jim Hebner
839  second unit in the westbound
Empire Builder
 Sept 3, 2000  Jim Hebner

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