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the newest P42 Genesis locos #123-132

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The overall paint color of the engine is similar or equal to the current platinum mist silver color, perhaps a bit darker. The new Amtrak logo (Three
Sheets...) is on the side on the engine just below the cab windows. There are no stripes running the length of the engine as in the current paint
scheme(s), The new Amtrak wordmark is at the bottom rear of the locomotive just forward (or possibly above) the "tunnel motor" air intakes for the HEP generator.

The killer is the top of the unit. It has the Acela "wave" feature . Just think of the waves on a Sounder locomotive (inverted, with the darker color
on top) or on a Fun Train "Beachball" F40PH and you'll get the idea. It's a dark blue roof and wave along the top of the loco.

So, not as bad as I had feared, although I sure think the Phase IV paint scheme looks fantastic (and we're just now starting to get a majority of
locos painted like that!). Now we have three distinct paint schemes running around the country on the same locomotive model? 

reported by Mark to the Amtrak Modelers newsgroup


Location & Information 

 Photo Credit
Photos by GE

123 was received from GE on
10/30 and it moved directly to
Chicago at that time -

Serial is 52803 with a
Build Date of 10/00.
reported in Service Oct 31, 2000

In new Acela paint
unveiled in Chicago IL
Nov 2, 2000


123 Portland, Oregon
on the
Empire Builder

 December 1st, 2000  Chris Fussell


 Richmond VA

Broad Street Station
123 52803! Oct00!

 Nov 12, 2000  Pete Piszczek
. 124  Worcester MA

sn 52804
Built October 2000
 Feb 3, 2001  Dick Leonhardt
  125 SN 52805
built October 2000
    Newport MN
Amtrak No 8 at 20th Street
   Vladimir J. Kedrovsky 
126   Portland, Oregon on
December 3rd, 2000 on
the Empire Builder. The adjacent train set is the Cascades with the F-59phi #467 engine and the #90253,
"Cascades" cabbage. On the left side of the Empire Builder is the switcher #566.
 December 3rd, 2000 Chris Fussell
127  seen in service Dec 15, 2000 sometime after that it was seen here in Philadelphia on
the W/B Three Rivers.
   Rob Palmer
  127 Chicago IL    May 9, 2001  Jim Hebner
  127 Chicago IL    May 9, 2001  Jim Hebner
  127 Chicago IL    May 9, 2001  Jim Hebner
127 Chicago IL    May 9, 2001  Jim Hebner
  127 Chicago IL    May 9, 2001  Jim Hebner
  127  Clay Ave Detroit MI  Summer 2004  Frank Peters
128   Sandpoint, ID
seen in service Dec 15, 2000 - shown here Christmas Day
with train #7 - running very late
sn 52808! built Nov 2000
 12/25/00  trakside
128  Shenandoah Junction WV eastbound train #30
The bridge in the shot is the NS (nee N&W Shenandoah Line from Hagerstown, MD to Roanoke, VA).
 June 2001  Bill Larduskey
129  seen in servoce Dec 16, 2000   Chris Fussell
129 Raleigh NC 
Train 80
 Feb 15, 2002 Craig Zeni 
129   Jesup GA
Downtown on P098
 2003  Phillip Shaw

130 Portland OR
It appears to be a dead engine
since it arrived on the
Empire Builder, but then a different
P-42 came to replace this unit.
Now this engine rests in
track 1, a storage track.
January 6 2001 Chris Fussell
130  Chicago IL
sn 52810 built Nov 2000
 March 8. 2001 Jim Hebner 
130   Chicago IL July 2001   Marty Simane
130 Lafayette LA
part of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina Evacuation Train
130 Lafayette LA
part of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina Evacuation Train

Amtrak Press Release

-- Diesel units to feature new Amtrak brand identity --
CHICAGO -- Continuing its modernization of the nation's passenger rail
system, Amtrak today took delivery of the first of 85 new diesel locomotive
engines built by General Electric (GE) Transportation Systems.

In a ceremony at Amtrak's Chicago Maintenance Facility, GE Transportation
Systems President John Krenicki turned over the keys to a brand new P-42
locomotive to George Warrington, Amtrak President and Chief Executive
Officer. The new locomotive is also the first to feature Amtrak's new
corporate brand identity, replacing the "inverted arrow" which had
represented the company for 29 years.

Amtrak will be receiving 84 more units from General Electric over the next
12 months in an order worth approximately $200 million.

"This acquisition means Amtrak's passengers will enjoy reliable,
high-quality service backed up by our one-of-a-kind guest satisfaction
guarantee," said Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, Chairman of the Amtrak
Board of Directors. "The new locomotives are the first of our long-distance
equipment to feature Amtrak's new look-a look that represents the new
Amtrak-vibrant, forward thinking and poised for enormous commercial success."

"These new locomotives incorporate the latest innovations in technology and
fuel-efficiency," said Krenicki. "The continuing revival of passenger rail
in this country depends on reliable locomotive power and we are pleased to
provide it. Amtrak's guests will enjoy the comfort of these machines for a long, long time."

Amtrak's new locomotives feature contemporary styling and advanced
technology systems. Each locomotive is powered by a 16-cylinder engine
equipped with electronic fuel injection for greater fuel economy. The units
also feature cab signaling, segmented fuel tanks and automatic parking
brakes for improved passenger and crew safety..

Amtrak's guest Satisfaction Guarantee promises passengers that they'll have
a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience. If something is not right,
Amtrak will try to make it right. If the guest is still dissatisfied, Amtrak
will provide a certificate for free, future travel, no questions asked.

Amtrak has also introduced a new corporate identity nationwide. The new
locomotives feature a new logo whose shape, convergent lines, and suggestion
of movement capture the excitement of the travel experience. Additionally,
Amtrak's new, sturdy Word Mark reflects the company's growing strength and
reliability. Combined, they represent a revitalized corporation that puts
the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of every guest first, and backs it up
with a one-of-a-kind commitment to guest satisfaction.

This marks the fourth consecutive year of passenger growth for the company.

Major factors contributing to the new ridership record was strong summer
travel and Amtrak's Satisfaction Guarantee, the only such guarantee offered
by a national transportation carrier. Other contributing factors include
better service, successful marketing initiatives, and consumer frustrations
from air and auto congestion.

Amtrak operates a 22,000-mile intercity passenger rail system, serving more
than 500 communities in 45 states. For more information about Amtrak,
including schedules, fares and reservations, visit Amtrak's Web site at

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