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the newest P42 Genesis locos #133-143

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 Photo Credit
Portland OR
Union Station on the
Empire Builder.
sn 52813 built Dec 2000
Feb 20, 2001 
 Chris Fussell
  Portland OR
Union Station as the lead unit for the Empire Builder.
 March 6, 2001
Chris Fussell 
Cleveland OH
 May 18, 2001
Paul Duda 
Wilmington DE
Dedicated to the men and woman who fought for our country. Taken on Memorial Day with total freedom.
Florida train
Northbound. #92 Silver Star
 May 28, 2001
 Bruce Friedman
 June 4, 2001
 Rob Palmer
Rennselaer NY
Brand-new Amtrak P42BWHs
135 and 134 idle at the
Rennselaer Diesel Shops
 January 04, 2001
Dave Honan
  Cleveland, Ohio
(The date on the photo is wrong)
April 21, 2001 
Paul Duda 
 Portland OR
the Empire Builder.
looking a bit dirty - perhaps from the rain and floods in MN
April 7, 2001 
 Chris Fussell
 Train departed St. Louis on Thursday, August 5.  Departed Kansas City
en route to New Mexico points.
 August 2004
 from the
collection of
Albert Phleep

Prep work at
St. Louis MO

  August 2004
 from the
collection of
Albert Phleep
 Portland OR
 February 24, 2001
 Chris Fussell
 in Virginia
 April 21, 2001
Bill Hakkarinen

  Picnic Point WA

 April 25, 2001
 Joseph O'Connell
 Milwaukee WS
on Train 7
 July 4, 2001
 Suisun CA
with the Zephyer
 June 2002
 Peter Van Dyke
Hialeah, FL  
 March 19, 2001
 Bill Volkmer
 Miami FL
 Sept 2001?
  Bill Volkmer
 Chicago IL
 May 2001
Jim Hebner
 Normal IL
Mark has an interesting
web site
 June 26, 2001
Mark Ciskey 

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