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the P42 Genesis locos #31-39

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    Location &  Information Date Photo Credit
31  Temple TX  1998 or eariler  Shane Deemer
31  Rocky MT NC
Train 90
Oct 9, 1999  Craig Zeni
31 Cary NC
Train 80
Oct 14, 1999  Craig Zeni
31 Cary NC
Train 80
Oct 14, 1999  Craig Zeni

32  Framingham MA  April 3, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
33  Cajon Pass CA
by Mormon Rocks
 March 1999  Charles P. White
33 Cleveland OH
westbound train #43
 June 20, 1999  Paul Duda
33  Chicago IL  July 2001  Marty Simane 

34  Framingham MA  March 27, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
34 Hammond LA
train #58
The City Of New Orleans

2009 Leo W Persick JR
Milwaukee Airport
shoving Hiawatha Service #332
July 22, 2016
Jim Hebner
 Springfield MA
 October 31, 1999
Dick Leonhardt
 Framingham MA
 March 1, 2000
Dick Leonhardt
 Jarrett VA
March 24, 1999
Craig Zeni 
 Wellesley Farms MA
leading the
Lakeshore Limited
 May 2, 1999
Dick Leonhardt
 Wellesley MA
 Jan 28, 2001
 Dick Leonhardt


 Chicago IL

 April 19, 1999
 Dick Leonhardt
 Memphis TN
on train 59, the southbound
City of New Orleans.
Note the damage from a
grade crossing accident on the front of the locomotive around the plow and ditch lights.
  Nov 30, 2000
 Joseph Belote
 Philadelphia PA
 Sept 8, 2002
 Dick Leonhardt


from the
collection of
Albert Phleep
 Wellesley Hills MA
 June 10, 2000
Dick Leonhardt
 Los Angeles CA
 Charles White


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