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the P-42 Genesis locos #50-60

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50  Chicago IL
the large image is a bit
small on this one
 Sept 1998  Bill Hakkarinen
50  Chicago IL  May 1999  Jim Hebner
50  S Collier VA  October 1999  Craig Zeni
  50  Wellesley Hills MA  March 8, 2000 Dick Leonhardt 
 50  Framingham MA  April 15, 2000  Dick Leonhardt 
51  Weston MA
leading the Lake Shore Limited
followed by F-40 287
 June 27, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
 51 Charlottesville, VA
Amtrak engine #51 on Amtrak train #51. Crossing the NS diamonds
 November 1999   G R Harper
 51 Chicago IL
the 3rd one painted
 March 2001  Marty Simane
52  Philadelphia PA    Robert Palmer
53  Los Angeles CA  April 22, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
53  Temple TX 1998 or earlier  Shane Deemer
54  Framingham MA  February 21, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
54  Wellesley Farms MA  January 22, 2000  Dick Leonhardt
 54  Framingham MA  February 22, 2000  Dick Leonhardt
 54  Framingham MA  February 29, 2000  Dick Leonhardt
 54  Wellesley MA  March 26, 2000  Dick Leonhardt
    Oct. 2000 at
Gailsburg, IL - she was on the headend of the Cal Zephyr,
(or the SW Chief) - they both hit G'sburg about the same time that day.
 Oct. 2000  
Owen Rafferty 
55  Chicago IL
the large image is a bit small
on this one
 June 16, 1999  Bill Hakkarinen
 55   Philadelphia PA  March 23, 2001   Rob Palmer
56  Framingham MA  April 25, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
 56  Kirbys Crossing NC
train 79
 Oct ober 9, 1999  Craig Zeni
 56 Memphis, TN on
the point of
The City of New Orleans #59
 October 14, 2000  Galen W. Williams
     The 56 was the lead unit on the southbound CRESCENT, with the 89, when it hit a truck at Meridian, MS on 20 Sept. 2002  The fuel tank on the truck exploded, and the damage to the 56 has been estimated at $650,000.  The
56 was set out at Meridian, and then towed to New Orleans on the rear of
the CRESCENT the next day.  The 89 will be repainted at New Orleans.
  57  Kansas City MO  April 1999  Bill Hakkarinen
  58  Pittsburgh PA?  July 1997  from the
collection of
Joseph Testagrose
a Bill Waller photo?
  58  Harper's Ferry WV  Sept 25, 1999  Kevin DeGroff
  59  Framingham MA   Feb 13, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
59  Cary NC  May 4, 2001  Craig Zeni
60 Naperville IL
Leading #5, The California Zephyr. Here it is just East of town, as a Chicago-bound BNSF "dinky" departs.
 March 3, 2000.  Bill Hakkarinen
60 Staunton, VA
The Cardinal
 May 2, 2001 Bill Hakkarinen
  60  Ron has a web site   Ron Goodson 


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