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When the delivery of new HEP cars outpaced HEP equipped locomotives old baggage cars and E8B were made into HEP cars


ex BN HC10
became 660

  1911 ex BN HC11
became 661
  1912 ex BN HC12
became 662
  1913 ex BN HC13
became 663
  1914 ex BN HC14
became 664
  1915 ex BN HC15
became 665

ex AMTK 463
became 666

   from the
collection of
Jim Hebner 
  1917 ex AMTK 469
became 667
1918 ex AMTK 456
became 668
    from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
  1919 ex AMTK468
became 669
1920 ex AMTK 466
became 670
   from the
collection of
Jim Hebner 
1921  Homewood IL
ex AMTK 467
became 671
 Feb 1976  RP Campbell
1921       from the
collection of
Jim Hebner

In October 1977 Amtrak 1910-1921 became 660-671, 1922-1926 became 672-676, numbers 677- 684 not used?-
former 1291-1299 became 685-692 (1296 had already been scrapped after a wreck in Jan 1976)

Steam Heater Cars 660-676

     Location & Information  Date  Photo Credit
 Sacramento CA
ex AMTK 1910
January 27, 1980  Jack Black 

 Los Angeles CA
Redondo Jct
former BN/GN HC10
nee GN F3B 354B

 April 5, 1981  Timothy Dickinson
 Los Angeles CA
Redondo Jct
 April 5, 1981  Timothy Dickinson
 Willets CA  May 23, 2006  Jonathan Peiffer
 New Haven CT  March 28,1982   from the
collection of
Frank Szachacz
   New Haven CT
ex Amtrak 1911
ex Amtrak 11
ex BN/GN H-11
ex GN F-3B 434B
 March 28,1982   from the
collection of
Frank Szachacz
 Northeast PA
owned by the
Lakeshore Chapter NRHS
nee GN F-3B 432B
 June 25, 1988  Kevin DeGroff
 New Haven CT  May 22, 1983  from the
collection of
Frank Szachacz
   New Haven CT  May 22, 1983  from the
collection of
Frank Szachacz
 ex-Amtrak 1916, 463, 1463
ex Union Pacific 963B
rebuilt to Steam Generator Car in 1975
 Anchorage Alaska
666 was sold to Alaska RR - became their P6
 Sept 1999  M. McCullor
    westbound conrail through Dolton IL heading for scrapping Nov 28, 1982 Tom Golden
Portland OR  October 1978   Cliff West
  Portland OR  October 1978   Cliff West
 Built as UP 970B Became Amtrak 468, then 1919, later it was sold to Alaska RR - became their P7
October 1978 
 Cliff West

 ex-Amtrak 1920
ex-Amtrak 466
It was owned by the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum in Calera, Alabama and stored in Birmingham, Alabama near the Amtrak station. The unit was sold to Union Pacific and moved shortly after the photo was taken. UP, which numbered it 966B, bought the EB to add to their excursion set.

It was no longer a true E unit; Amtrak had rebuilt it as a heater car in 1975

 Jan 1995  Bryan Turner

 rebuilt to Steam Generator Car in 1975
ex-Amtrak 1921, 467
ex-Union Pacific 967b

  672 ex-AMTK 265    
  673 ex-AMTK 272    
  674 ex-AMTK 299    
675 Milwaukee WI
ex-AMTK 303
undated Mike Kaim
  676 ex-AMTK 314    

  #  Location & Information  Date  Photo Credit
Head End Power cars originally built by St Louis Car in 1953 as Army kitchen cars
Rebuilt into 1300 series Baggage cars in 1973
further rebuilt into 1290 series Head End Power Cars in 1975
renumbered into the 685-689 series about 1979-80
685  ex Amtrak HEP 1291
ex Amtrak baggage 1300
nee US Army 89637
 October 1977  John Kuehl
686  New Haven CT
ex-Amtrak 1292
ex Amtrak 1304
ex Army 89657
 March 28, 1982   from the
collection of
Frank Szachacz

 no photo yet
686   ex Amtrak HEP 1292
ex Amtrak baggage 1304
nee US Army 89657

 no photo yet
687   ex Amtrak HEP 1293
ex Amtrak baggage 1305
nee US Army 89661

688   ex Amtrak HEP 1294
ex Amtrak baggage 1306
nee US Army 89670
preserved on the Cuyahoga
Valley Scenic Railroad
Oct 2005
Jim Hebner
The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad
runs through Ohio's only National
Park, the Cuyahoga Valley National
Park, from Cleveland to Akron
and Canton
Oct 2005
Jim Hebner
Oct 2005
Jim Hebner

 no photo yet
689   ex Amtrak HEP 1295
ex Amtrak baggage 1307
nee US Army 89625

 Built by Pullman Standard as coaches for UP in 1942 -
rebuilt as HEP cars in 1975 by Auto Liner Corp

 no photo yet


 ex Amtrak HEP 1297
ex AutoLiner 300
nee Union Pacific 5351



 ex Amtrak HEP 1298
(shown here)
ex AutoLiner 301
nee Union Pacific 5331

 Oct 15 1975



 The generator set in 1298
used locomotive generator to allow for is reuse after the need for HEP cars was past. There were two generator sets per car

 Oct 15 1975



 Controls in the 1298

 Oct 15 1975


 no photo yet


 ex Amtrak HEP 1299
ex AutoLiner 302
nee Union Pacific 5364

 693-696 Built in 1947 by ACF for NYC as end door baggage cars
rebuilt in 1977 into HEP cars

no photo yet


ex Amtrak 1124
ex Penn Central 9151,
ex NYC 9151
694 Chicago IL
ex Amtrak 1138
ex Penn Central 9166, ex NYC 9166
 May 12, 1985  Paul Hunnell

 no photo yet


 ex Amtrak 1139
ex Penn Central 9170,
ex NYC 9170

 no photo yet


 ex Amtrak 1126
ex Penn Central 9105,
ex NYC 9105



 Albany NY
I know it is a HEP car made from a baggage car but the number is strange - what if P42 #6 added it to it's train?

Oct 31, 1999

 Dick Leonhardt

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