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 Amtrak Locomotive and Car Notes
By Geoff Sarbutt

Very current info on Amtrak eqyuipment

On Track On Line's Amtrak Roster is the best publicly available roster of Amtrak equipment on the Web,
and has been recently updated to reflect further Amfleet food service car renumberings and reconfigurations
as well as recent wreck repairs and outshoppings of other equipment. Well worth visiting and bookmarking

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Jeff is one of this sites major contributors - see some of the other rail photos he has taken

Visit Charles P White's Los Angeles Metrolink sit - nothing recent however

 Metrolink Photo Archive
A presentation by the Los Angeles Metrolink Historical Society

Ron Goodson's site

Learn about thier preservation and current status

Mike Palmieri's great site

Visit Clint Chamberlin's extensive site for information about
Steamtown, PA and Railroads in the Northeast with many good links

Click here to visit my favorite Northeast rail news magazine!

Operation Lifesaver Please visit this site, especially if you are not a rail enthusiast, the life you save may be your own!

If you are a railfan - visit it anyhow - some of us do some dumb stuff. The life you save may be your own.

Friends of Amtrak, by Craig S. O'Connell, is an internet advocacy effort supporting continued funding for Amtrak by providing information on legislation and Amtrak operations.


Join over 260 other members of the Penn Central Railroad Historical Society

Visit my Caboose Photo Archive and
see cabooses from other railroads - started Dec 6, 1999

Visit my Conrail Caboose Photo Archive and
see over 350 cabooses in blue paint or from railroads (other than Penn Central) than made up Conrail

Visit my Penn Central Caboose Photo Archive and
see over 130 Conrail Cabooses before the were Conrail cabooses
or a few Conrail Cabooses while they were still PC green and lettered for Penn Central.

Over 950,000 Rail Images By Railfans For Railfans


The Amtrak Historical Society was founded in 1991 as a not-for-profit corporation. In 1997, it became a division of The Avant-Garde Group, Inc., a multi-divisional corporation incorporated under the law of the state of Illinois. The primary purpose of the Society is to preserve the history of Amtrak and to establish its place in the archives of U.S. railroading.

Conference info on the front page is from 2002 conference - very out of date - do they still exist????????


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Most of the photos on this site are from original photos/slides or submissions. Some photos are from the web - I have tried to get permission to use on all of them, but a few may have slipped through. Please, let me know if that has happened.

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