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  .  Information  Date  Photo Credit
  195   Ruther Glen VA  Oct 2004  Pete Piszczek
   195  Ruther Glen VA  Oct 2004  Pete Piszczek
     Ruther Glen VA  Oct 2004  Pete Piszczek
    Homestake Pass
Fs and domes! 
photograper is unknown - but WOW
 July 3, 1973  from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
     SW LIMITED    
     Horseshoe Curve  Sept 2004  Mel Agne
     Horseshoe Curve  Sept 2004  Mel Agne
   Pine Jct  westbound on the NS
mainline at Pine Junction on a beautiful Saturday morning
  Sept 18 2004  Mike R
   177  Petersburg Va  Aug 28, 2004  Pete Piszczek
   182  Petersburg Va  Aug 28, 2004  Pete Piszczek
  AMTRAK 125
Picnic Point,WA
Going away
April 22,2004  Joe O'Connell
    AMTRAK 141 at
Picnic Point WA
April 21,2004  Joe O'Connell
44 Dallas TX April 4, 2004 David Hawkins
  466   Mukilteo,WA  Sept 4, 2004 Joe O'Connell 
  188   Edmonds,WA  Sept 6, 2004 Joe O'Connell 
  457   Everett,WA Sept 6 ,2004  Joe O'Connell
 141 Cassandra PA 13 Aug 04  Kennedy How
94 Meadowdale,WA
  Sept 8, 2004 Joe O'Connell
     Everett,WA Sept 10,2004  Joe O'Connell

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