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  .  Information  Date  Photo Credit
   Turbo  Twin Tunnels    John Mech
  52 Southwest chief in
New Mexico
   Turbo    July 1989  John Mech
  #7  Amtrak #7,
The Empire Builder,
with 219 and 218
west of Shelby Montana
 April 30, 1991  Ross Pugsley
  35  a westbound Amtrak express led by P42 #35
at Pine Junction.
Gary IN
Oct 29, 2005 Mike Rapchak Jr 
2012 2012, northbound out of Bakersfield CA Feb 2005  Kel Criuse

Truckee CA


Mar 24, 2005 David Hawkins

Soda Springs CA


Mar 25, 2005 David Hawkins
 Crescent Beach BC
Crossong Mud Bay
April 2005   Dave Mack
     Crescent Beach BC
Approaching Crescent Beach
April 2005   Dave Mack

 Amtrak 8 - from the St Paul MN Highbridge -

At the Chestnut switch

 Feb 5, 2005  Denny Lowing
    Amtrak 716 racing the storm at Shafter, CA   5-8-05  Kel Cruise 

 E8 #205 (ex-B&O) and #311 (ex-PRR) are among the engines at the Amtrak
shops in Chicago before Amtrak rebuilt the area.

pre-Metra shops
pre-Sears Tower
pre-Amtrak shops

August 1974  Gray Morris
     Springfiled MA
105 was out of service the hour that Paul was there. 109 pulled (pushed) in
from the south heading to Vermont
 Jan 2006  Paul McGrane
     Springfiled MA
15 on the left is heading south from Vermont
 Jan 2006  Paul McGrane
     Oakland CA
Train 728
 June 24, 1999  Don Jilson

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