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  Donner Pass

 Alta CA
Donner Pass

Cailfornia Zephyer Train 6

April 17, 1993 Kevin DeGroff
   Verdin IL
The Ann Rutledge in a classic Midwestern pose
 April 26, 2000  Bill Hakkarinen
   Hells Gate Bridge  April 1, 2000  Dick Leonhardt
arrives at Wilmington
 AEM-7 917
arrives on track 3 at Wilmington with train 79 at 7:48 am on a foggy January day
 Jan 7, 2000  Ran Barton
   30th Street engine facility
102, 822 and 816 await their next assignment
   Ran Barton
 3 Eras of
 Los Angeles Union Station  November 10, 1999  Charles P White
Seattle Nightscape  Seattle with it's new Talgo  1997?  WSDOT
 468  Talgo F59 468  1997?  WSDOT
   blurred fins  1997?  WSDOT
   blurred by the ocean  1997?  WSDOT
   Elkhart Indiana -
P42 2 leads F-40 350
on the Lake Shore Limited
 October 30, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
   Worcester MA
the Lakeshore Limited
at CAP 44
 1994  Tim O'Connor
   North bound on the old
New Haven
   Dick Leonhardt

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