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 Penola VA
loco 803 leads
 Aug 18, 2001  Pete Piszczek

    NB Train 2170 on the
Gunpowder River Bridge
 June 20, 2001  Bill Hakkarinen  
 760  Chicago IL September 1979  Glen Beans

   Wilmington, DE
NEC HHP-8's Double Header!
Northeast Corridor
 March 18, 2001  Bruce Friedman
 Gold Rush CA
train 5
 May 22, 1993  Kevin DeGroff
Amtrak engine # 24 with Train # 44 The Pennsylvanian, in Cleveland, Ohio .With Cleveland's light rail system , the Cleveland Amtrak station, The Cleveland Browns Stadium, and a little bit of Lake Erie all in
the background
 May 15, 1999  Paul Duda

   Folkston, GA
Amtrak 5 passing CSX 646 - looks like Tropicana cars on the end of the freight
 December 1999  JL Hunt

  Williamson, VA
Train #66 parked by the station. There had been a highway accident west of Williamson on US 52 (which parallels the N&W closely) involving a gasoline tanker, and the State Police halted all train traffic fearing sparks and fire from dragging brakes or exhaust stacks. Amtrak #67 was turned on the wye at Naugatuck, WV and returned to the Williamson station as #66 awaiting its 7:50 a.m. departure.

The wonderful train shed behind the station is long gone, but the building was donated to the City of Williamson in 1981 and is the mayor's office now, among other things.
 February 1979  Garland R. Harper

   Portland OR
Cabbage 90251
   Chris Fussell

  Philadelphia PA
Frankford Jct
 May1978   Michael F. DeSoi Sr.
from the
collection of
Dan Halpert

The old and the new bask
in the sun
Nov 11. 2000 Jim Hebner

  Street running in Lafayette IN
these tracks are gone now
October 16, 1983 John Eagan Jr.

   Hesperia CA
a PRS Fan Trip
May 4, 1985  John Eagan Jr.

 Trenton NJ.
Trenton Station
911 (950 trailing) on the point of a
delayed Northeast Direct #95 
  Chris Zahn

   Ah - the joy of an Ohio winter. cold & gray.
Amtrak 74 leads train 44
into Cleveland
 Jan 15, 2001  Paul Duda

   Bird-In-Hand PA
Keystone Service
 Summer 2000  Joel Lehman

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