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Numbered 730-745 and geared for 65mph, these little ones have 600hp and weigh 194,000
built by EMD 1947-195x

Location and information
Photo Credit
 no photo yet
ex Amtrak 243, ex Penn Central 8425,
ex NYC 599
Retired July 1986
became Hartwell Railroad #7
 no photo yet
 built as NYC 601 in May 1949
later NYC 8428
same number under PC
Amtrak sold it to Berlin Mills Railway in Vermont which is now part of the St Lawrence and Atlantic
 Chicago IL
June 1993
 Bill Hakkarinen
Wilmington DE
burned - sold to Naporano Iron in Feb 1980 and scrapped
Nov 5, 1979
Bill Folsom
 Chicago IL
 March 10, 1990
 Jim Hebner
Trenton NJ
 sold to Octoraro RR
September 1985
July 16, 1984 
Louderback JR 
Yves Duflot
Chicago IL
 June 19??
 Gary Morris
 Salt Lake City UT
note the round fan, new headlight
 April 29, 1989
 Alan Miller
  Salt Lake City UT
West Oakland CA
Affectionately known at work as "Little Toot". toiled in daily service at the West Oakland Amtrak Coach Yard. It is seen here resting between assignments at the UP diesel shop.
 Frank Caron
 Wilmington DE
former Penn Central 8499
 June 11, 1988
 Alan Miller
 Wilmington DE
 Wilmington DE
since retired and sold for scrap
May 29, 1999
 Jeff Lubchansky

  Wilmington DE
Looks like it was not retired and
sold for scrap!

 Oct 16, 2006
  Stevan A Roberts

Wilmington Shops DE
lovingly restored by the shop crews
Sept 15, 2007
Jim Hebner
reported working Washington Union Station, temporarily, while two yard engines get converted to Gensets.
May 2013
737 Washington Union Station
word is - brass bell and good horn come off when it leaves Wilmington Shops
Sept 2013 TJ Van Haag
 Washington DC
painted that way to commemorate the history of Washington Terminal
April 1996
 Bill Hakkarinen
 Washington DC
painted that way to commemorate the history of Washington Terminal
Oct 17, 2001
 Pete Piszczek
 Ivy City Wash DC
 New Hope PA
sold to AF Railway Industies in early 1986 -
stored NH&I became NH&I 9423
 June 3, 1986
 Jim Sorenson
 somewhere in CT
bell is missing,
stack is capped
sold to Fantasia Dec 1985,
then to ILS,
resold to Great Miami Railroad
(maybe 1986)
 Tom Hirano
no photo yet
 built as PRR 9150 in July 1948
later PRR 8530
same number under PC EX AMTRAK 254
Amtrak sold it to Berlin Mills Railway in Vermont which is now part of the St Lawrence and Atlantic
 Washington DC
 Nov 1996
 Jeff Lubchansky

  Washington Union Station
 July 17, 2001
 Pete Piszczek
Wilmington Shops DE
out of service?
Sept 15, 2007
Jim Hebner
no photo yet
 ex Amtrak 256, ex Penn Central 8459, ex PRR 9399 
no photo yet
 ex Amtrak 257, ex Penn Central 8475, ex PRR 9145 retired July 1986 at Wilmington DE
no photo yet
  ex Amtrak 258, ex Penn Central 8480, ex PRR 9200
Sold to Berlin Mills Railway for
parts late 1985

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243 at Morrisville PA May 15,1977

ex PC 8425, ex NYC 599, future Amtrak 730

244 at Sunnyside Yard, NY by Frank Szachacz? Dec. 12, 1976

exPC 8428, ex NYC 602, future Amtrak 731

246 at Sunnyside Yard, NY by Frank Szachacz? April 17,1977

never renumbered into 700 series? off roster by April 80

256 at Harrisburg PA by Gordon Lloyd Jr Mar. 25, 1977

ex PC 8559, ex PRR 9399 future 743

731 at Sunnyside Yard, NY by Frank Szachacz? March 15,1981

ex Amtrak 244, ex PC 8428, ex NYC 602

732 at Chicago, IL by John Benson Jun 6,1982

ex Amtrak 245, ex PC 8431, ex NYC 605

733 at Sunnyside Yard, NY by Frank Szachacz? Oct 23, 1977

off roster by April 1980?

734 at Wilmington DL, by James Claflin Sept 23, 1978
734 at Chicago IL, by Jim Hebner, April 1990

ex Amtrak 247, ex PC 8475, ex NYC 678

738 at Morrisville PA by Martin Zak Oct 15,1977

ex Amtrak 251, Ex PC 8522, ex PRR 9422

742 at Renssalaer NY by Jim Sorenson Aug.15,1984

ex Amtrak 255, ex PC 8543, ex PRR 9143

743 at Renssalaer NY Mar 1 1982 by Bob Wilt

ex Amtrak 256, ex PC 8559, ex PRR 9399