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 Location & Information  Date  Photo Credit
 Aberdeen MD
the boyhood home of
Cal Ripkin Jr
a few Northeast Direct trains and MARC trains stop here
 October 12, 1999 Bill Hakkarinen
Albany OR
from a southbound Coast Starlight
 October 11, 1997  John Cooper

 Albuquerque New Mexico

Santa Fe Station. This station
burned to the ground in the early 90s. This is were Gerry started with Amtrak in September 1972.

 1991 Gerry Jones
Doyle Davis
Alderson WV  June 1995  Bill Hakkarinen
 Alexandria VA
before remodelling
Check out those nifty Amtrak and Souther Ry. Bands on the columns.
 February 1977  GR Harper
Alexandria VA  June 1995  Bill Hakkarinen

Altoona PA

the Railroader's Memorial Museum is just across the tracks

 August 1994  Bill Hakkarinen
Amherst MA
serves college students not only from Amherst, but also Smith College, Mt Holyoke College, Hampshire College and University of Massachusetts
 Nov 6, 1999  Bill Hakkarinen
 Anaheim CA  September 1995  Bill Hakkarinen
Ann Arbor MI
Detroit to Chicago mid-day run arrives.
 Dec 2001   Raymond Jay Masters
 Ann Arbor MI
Detroit to Chicago mid-day run, "All aboard!"
 Dec 2001  Raymond Jay Masters
Ann Arbor MI
Detroit to Chicago mid-day run departs.
Dec 2001   Raymond Jay Masters
Ann Arbor MI
Ann Arbor station view from the Broadway bridge. 
 Dec 2001  Raymond Jay Masters
Anniston AL  2005  Charlie Gildehaus

 Anniston AL
Recently purchased by the city and will be renovated to be a transportation center using rail, bus and taxi
 2005  Charlie Gildehaus

 Anniston AL  2005  Charlie Gildehaus
 Ardmore PA  Jan 17, 2000  John Cooper
 Ardmore PA  March 1, 2000  Bill Hakkarinen
 Ashland VA  April 21, 2001   Bill Hakkarinen
Atlanta GA
The Atlanta station used to be Southern Railway's
"Suburban" Peachtree Station.
 Nov 16, 2000  Bill Hakkarinen

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