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Location & Information Date Photo Credit
 June 1998
 Bill Hakkarinen
 September 2000
 Frank Caron
 September 2000
 Frank Caron
 September 2000
 Frank Caron
 September 2000
 Frank Caron
 September 2000
 Frank Caron
 Bangor, MI
a small town (1,933) which first had a railroad depot in 1870.  A brick station was begun in 1925 and completed in 1926.
 Fall 2002
 Larry Nielsen

  Bangor, MI
The City owns the depot and have renovation plans and use in hand.  The benches in the waiting area are believed to be the original.  The current Amtrak shelter will be removed when they reopen the former area.

trains 370/371
serve the town

 Fall 2002
 Larry Nielsen
 June 1999
 Bill Hakkarinen
  Baltimore MD
here is the other (North)
side, showing the tracks. That's the Southbound Silver Palm departing the foreground
 Feb 24, 2002
 Bill Hakkarinen
Barstow, CA
This station is used also by Greyhound Bus.
The Southwest Chief
stops there...
 early 2001
 Bill Larduskey
 Ronald White
Bedford VA
Halfway between Lynchburg and Roanoke on the N&W
on the route of the Mountaineer... then the Hilltopper.
 early 1978.
Bellows Falls VT
with the NY-bound "Vermonter" the
Connecticut River bridge in the background.
 Oct 11, 2003
 Johannes Laeubli
  Benson AZ
Actually there's lots of business out of this little shack, considering. Benson is the next stop eastbound after Tucson AZ. Seen here - 8 hours late.
 March 2002
 Mike Sheldon
 October 1997
 Bill Hakkarinen
Bingen - White Salmon WA (BNG)
Still on the route of train #27. Shot from the train on a trip to Portland in early
Wonder what it looks like now?
 May 1983
 GR Harper
Birmingham AL
Amtrak lobby and the outside entrance - Matt thinks it's located in the basement of the old L&N Station.
 April 7, 2001
 Matt Nelson

 Birmingham AL

The Crescent
(NY to New Orleans)

 Summer 2003
 Emanuel Neiconi
 August 1979
 Bill Hakkarinen
Bowling Green KY
More train shed than Station,
but you can see it in the back. Viewed from the Floridain / Auto-Train combo.
I was in the A-T section atthe
time. The A-T folks were very cordial.
Service ended Sep. 30, 1979.
Brookhave MS 
City of New Orleans
 Owen Rafferty
 Burlington IA
 Summer 2006
  Owen Rafferty
 BWI rail station
as most people see it - approaching the BWI in a plane
 September 1999
 Bill Hakkarinen
 BWI rail station
from the ground
 September 19, 1999
 Dick Leonhardt

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