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 Carlinville IL April 26, 2000  Bill Hakkarinen

 Champaign IL
the old station - former
Illinois Central Railroad depot
that Amtrak had been using.
  March 24, 2001  Jared Wouters

 Champaign IL
This building also serves as a terminal for Greyhound and
Trailways buses and as the main transfer point for the Champaign-Urbana Mass
Transit District city buses. It
opened in 1999, replacing a
former Illinois Central Railroad
depot that Amtrak had
been using.
  March 24, 2001  Jared Wouters
 Charleston SC    Bob Redden
 Charlotte NC
station from the platform looking at the station from track level
 2005  Ed Locklin
   Charlottesville VA
just before renovation began
viewed from the CSX side
Amtrak now uses the one story section on the right
 March 1997  Garland Harper
 Charlottesville VA
The  Union Station was just recently rebuilt. This was once a Southern Railway station. The small building to the left with the Amtrak sign on it is the new station. This was once the Southern Railway "Express" building.
January 2000  Garland Harper
Charlottesville, VA
The larger structure was the original ticket office and waiting room. The larger part of the station is being remodeled into a restaurant.
 Nov 2000  Garland Harper
Chicago IL
an engineer's view or, in this case,
the view from train # 30 leaving the station
 March 3, 2000  Bill Hakkarinen
 Chicago IL  September 1995  Bill Hakkarinen
   Chicago IL  June 1993  Dick Leonhardt
 Chicago IL  June 1993  Dick Leonhardt
Chicago IL  June 1993  Dick Leonhardt
Cincinnati Ohio
opened in 1933
the passenger platforms area is now an intermodal yard
The Cincinnat Railroad Club meets in Tower A and opens it to the public - check their web site to confirm hours
 May 30, 1999  Jim Hebner
 Clearwater FL  April 1982  
Cleveland OH
compare Arnie photo to the one above! Visit Arnie Morscher's Rail Photo Site to see more of his photos
ground was broken for the construction of this station August 31, 1976 - Dedication July 12, 1977
5700 Sq ft - $552,000 to build
Jan 13, 1989  Arnie Morscher
 Cleveland OH
Cleveland Rocks!
the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Science Museum and Browns Stadium is an easy walk from the station
 Sept. 18,1999 Jim Hebner 

  Cleveland OH

A rare view from the observation
deck of
Cleveland Union Terminal.

 Sept 20, 2005  Jim Hebner 
 Cliffton Forge VA
from train 50
 Sept 15, 2000  Bill Hakkarinen
Colonie NY August 1978   MT
Connelsville PA  April 2007  Bill Hakkarinen
 Crawfordsville IN  June 1995  Bill Hakkarinen
Creston Iowa
aken out of the rear window on the door of the last coach in the winter of 1997, leaving heading East to Osceola.
 winter of 1997  Owen Rafferty
 Culpeper VA
from the back of the Cardinal
 April 1996  Bill Hakkarinen
 Cumberland MD
built on the site of the former "Queen City" stationOnly the name "Capital Limited" links them now
 Oct 15, 1999  Bill Hakkarinen
 Cut Bank Montana  November 1983  Mark Meyer

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