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 Dallas TX
The Reunion Tower casts its shadow across the depot. The tracks are reached by underground passageway between the station and Reunion Center
 October 1990  Bill Hakkarinen
Davis CA October12, 1997   John Cooper
  Del Rio TX
 2006  Michael Sheldon

Demming NM
No longer the Amtrak station, it has been moved to the south side of I-10 and is being converted to an education facility. This was a unmanned stop, and reportedly locals to have been replaced by a slab of concrete - which photographer could not find
March 2006  Jim Hebner
  Denver CO  July 13, 2003  Dick Leonhardt
 Denver CO  September 1995  Bill Hakkarinen
 Detroit MI
The elevated tracks are behind the station, but the
trains are stopping at Dearborn and sending passengers over by bus
 Spring 2002 Raymond Jay Masters 
 Dothan AL
viewed from the southbound Floridian (with AutoTrain section, too)
 August, 1977.  GR Harper

 Downington PA
from the
Pennsylvanian #43
 March 1, 2000  Bill Hakkarinen
 Dyer IN
from the back of The Cardinal
April 1996   Bill Hakkarinen


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