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  Edmonds WA October 2013 T J Van Haag
Effingham IL (EFG)  April 26, 2000  Bill Hakkarinen

 El Paso TX (ELP)  April 4, 2006 Jim Hebner

Elizabethtown PA (ELT)
from the Pennsylvanian #43
 March 1, 2000  Bill Hakkarinen
Elkhart IN (EKH)  October 30, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
Elkhart IN (EKH)  Sept 21, 2001  Dick Leonhardt
Elko NV (ELK)
The Elko Station is an unstaffed Amtrak train station in Elko, Nevada. It is served daily by Amtrak's California Zephyr.
 1989  David C Warner
 Elko NV (ELK)
The station was cleaned up and minor repairs were made here and there sometime around late July to early August 2005 and the signs were changed out.
Jan 16,  2006  Matt Liverani
Emeryville CA (EMY) Early Spring 1995  Owen Rafferty 
 Emeryville CA  Sept 9, 2005   Bill Hakkarinen
Erie PA  August 2001  Bill Hakkarinen
  Essex CT VT
Where the Vermonter calls. The Amtrak station is now only the small part on the right end of the building, including the blue and cream balloon painted garage door (baggage area), a small waiting room brown door which includes an agent's office the size of a closet. The center portion of the building is occupied by New England Central RR offices, and the left end is a bank.
   Kevin J. Tankersley
Eugene OR (EUG)
It is served by the Coast Starlight passenger train and is the southern terminus of the Amtrak Cascades.

The station was built in 1908 by the Southern Pacific Railroad and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Southern Pacific Passenger Depot in 2007.
The current station is the third passenger
depot built at this location.

Built of masonry, it is one of five masonry depots that still exist along the original Southern Pacific West Coast line. The other depots are in Albany, Medford, Roseburg and Salem.

A $1.3 million restoration project was
completed in 2004.
2011 Randy Toth
Everett WA
Station built about five years ago to replace the old GN depot.
As with the new depots/stations
in this area they serve both rail and bus passengers.
Everett serves AMTRAK's EMPIRE BUILDER and CASCADES,plus the SOUNDER plus
local and long distance bus lines.The top floors are occupied by commercial
August 28, 2010 Joe O'Connell

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