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Fargo ND (FAR)
Farmerville VA
taken from the vestibule of #55,
The Mountainer. Amtrak service
on this portion
of the N&W was from
March 25, 1975 - Sept. 30, 1979
May 1975
Bill Whitbeck

Fayetteville NC (FAY)

Taken while waiting to ride the northbound
Silver Meteor back home to NYP

Jan 2010
Mario Brienza
Fillmore CA (FIL)
 Nov 11, 1999
 Bill Volkmer
  Jan 25, 1992
 Dick Leonhardt
Flint MI (FLN)
Florence OR (FRO)
Florence SC (FLO)
Fond Du Lac WI (FDL)
Fort Edward-Glens Falls NY (FED)
Fort Hood TX (FHD)
May 1995
 Bill Volkmer
Fort Madison IA (FMD)
Fort Morgan CO (FMG)
Fort Myers FL (FTM)
 Jan 1, 2004
 RP Griffin
Fortuna CA (FTA)
Foxwoods Casino CT (FOX)
  May 6, 2001
 Dick Leonhardt
 June 1997
 Bill Hakkarinen
Frederick MD (FRC)

Fredericksburg VA (FBG)
seen from the rear of Amtrak #67

July 1, 2012
Bill Hakkarinen
Fremont CA (FMT)
Fremont - Bus Station CA (FRT)
Fresno CA (FNO)
Frisco CO (FSC)
 Fullerton CA (FUL)
 Dec 22, 1974
 Dick Leonhardt
Sept 1995
 Bill Hakkarinen
 Feb 21, 2002  Pete Piszczek

Fulton KY (FTN)
Feb 22, 2009
Tom Barrows

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