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 Location & Information


 Photo Credit

Galesburg IL (GBB)

 September 1995

  Bill Hakkarinen

Oct 2000
Owen Rafferty
 May 1996
 Bill Hakkarinen
Jan 9, 2006
 Chris Patriarca
 Mike Sheldon
 March 1, 2000
 Bill Hakkarinen
 Glenview IL (GLN)
A nice station with lots of Amtrak and Metra traffic
 October 2002
 Ron Goodson


 Glennwood Springs CO (GSC)

 June 1997

 Bill Hakkarinen

April 2007
Owen Rafferty
April 2007
Owen Rafferty
April 2007
Owen Rafferty
 Sept 2000
 Will Tefft
 Granby CO (GRA)
 June 1997
 Bill Hakkarinen
Grand Central Station
New York NY

no longer an Amtrak Station
 June 1979
 Dick Leonhardt
August 2012
Jim Hebner
July 2016
Fred Kemmerle

Greensburg PA (GNB)

 June 1993

 Bill Hakkarinen

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