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 Photo Credit

 Independence MO
 June 15, 1999

 Bill Hakkarinen
 Jacksonville FL  Sept 2000  George Goodrich

Jackson MI
that is the
WB Twilight Limied arriving

 September 1985

 Bill Hakkarinen

Janesville WS
train 344
 July 19, 2000  USATRANSCOM
Janesville WS  July 19, 2000  USATRANSCOM
. Jeffersonville IN  July 15, 2000  Jim Hebner

 Jefferson City MO
The Jefferson City station was originally The Missouri Hotel (1854.) It is one of three historic buildings of in a state historic site. So the train basically stops in a state park.

 June 1999

 Bill Hakkarinen
Johnstown PA  June 1993 Bill Hakkarinen

 Joliet IL

 May 1996

Bill Hakkarinen

 Joliet IL
street side

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