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Hamilton Ohio
no longer a stop
 June 1999  Jim Hebner

Hamlet NC (HAM)

now moved an restored

 Dec 11, 2005  Bill Blomgren

Description of Hamlet NC before the move - by Craig Zeni

The first floor room in the turret was used for Amtrak at this time...the station has since had the windows boarded up to keep out the pigeons and vagrants. Fear not - it's not marked for demolition.
They're going to MOVE it. The train is on the old SAL east-west line; the engine is astride the SAL Richmond-Savannah main line. There's a connection behind the station between these two tracks, all three are fairly busy.
CSX is said to be tired of the liability of railfans hanging out there as well as passengers crossing the tracks,
so the town of Hamlet has let a contract to section the building into three chunks (turret plus two wings), pick them up, move them due south across the east-west line and rotate the whole mess 90 degrees to keep the turret in the 'crotch'. They sold the station to the town of Hamlet who will restore it to its original glory, using the first floor for
the passengers again. It's a real jewel.

Hammond LA (HMD)


Owen Rafferty

Hammond-Whiting IN (HMI)
A cold snowy winter night

 February 1986

 Bill Hakkarinen

 Hartford CT (HFD)

 Nov 7, 1999

 Bill Hakkarinen

 Havre MT (HAV)
September 1998  Bill Hakkarinen
Helper UT (HER)
July 2016
Fred Kemmerle
. Hermann MO (HEM)  April 27, 2000  Bill Hakkarinen
  High Point NC (HPT)  Dec 30, 2004  Chris Patriarca
. Hinton WV (HIN)
Compared to the 20-year-later photo below, the place really has deteriorated.
A Chessie Steam Special was
turning at Hinton this day.
 1977  GR Harper
Hinton WV (HIN)  August 1997  Bill Hakkarinen
Holland MI (HOM) May 25, 2010 Miles Thompson

Holland MI (HOM) Dec 29, 2009 Miles Thompson

Holland MI (HOM) May 12 2012 Miles Thompson

Holland MI (HOM)
Aug 1, 2011
Jim Hebner
Holland MI (HOM)
Aug 1, 2011
Jim Hebner

Holland MI (HOM)

C&O Caboose 900967
on display by the depot

Aug 1, 2011
Jim Hebner
April 2006
Mike Rapchak Jr

Houston TX
Ed Johnson
 August 1998
 Bill Hakkarinen
 August 1997
 Bill Hakkarinen
Hyde Park Station
This is the station at Hyde Park, NY. It actually is not used by Amtrak, but its
along the Hudson line and sees lots of Amtrak trains fly by at 90mph every day. It has been converted into a railroad museum now.
 May 1998
Dan Halpert

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