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   Location & Information  Date  Photo Credit
Lafayette IN  April 1998  Bill Hakkarinen
La Junta CO
from the train
. GR Harper
 Lakeland FL  MARCH 2004  James Paramore II

 Lake Geneva WS
a new station! ... - um -- errr ah um...service ended in 2002

 Lake Geneva WS
...ok a new stop on the
Lake Country Limited
service ended in 2002
Lamar CO
from train #3
The Southwest Chief
 Feb 1977  GR Harper
 Lamar CO  May 1996  
 Lamy NM  May 1996  Bill Hakkarinen
 Lamy NM
this is as close to Santa Fe NM as Amtrak gets - about a 25 minute drive
March 24, 2003  Jim Hebner
 Lamy NM March 24, 2003  Jim Hebner
 Lamy NM March 24, 2003  Jim Hebner
 Lamy NM
the track in the forground is the end of the Santa Fe Southern.
March 24, 2003  Jim Hebner
Lancaster PA  Jan 17, 2000  John Cooper
 Lancaster PA    Bill Hakkarinen
  Lancaster PA
a few days after the electric traction gang refurbished the flagpole as a memorial to the Sept 11 incidents. Bill is a radio technician for Amtrak and stationed in the old railway express building next door to the station. Bill has been here since 1982 and never saw a flag on this pole in that time and says some of the older guys there say there wasn't one here even back into the early 70's and late 60's. The story of this restoration was submitted to the company employee newspaper and was published in the Nov/Dec issue on page #5 along with this picture.

 Oct 2 2001

 Bill English
LaPlata MO  June 1995  Bill Hakkarinen

LaPlata MO

Inside Lobby

Bob Cox

LaPlata MO

#4 pulling into the depot

Bob Cox

LaPlata MO

Station painted back to as
close as possible original colors

Bob Cox

LaPlata MO

Close-up of east side after new
Santa Fe logos were placed back on station. This was
made possible by
sponsors through the
APRHF (American Passenger
Rail Heritage Foundation)

Bob Cox
Laramie WY
from the back of the eastbound Pioneer
Oct 15, 1996  John Cooper
  Las Vegas NV
taken fron the Desert Wind just before it shut down
1996 or 97   Owen Rafferty


Lewistown PA
The 19th century building in the less than flattering Amtrak gray paint.

This building now houses the archives of the PRRT&HS. They rebuilt the tower that was removed before Amtrak became the landlord. The PRRT&HS also restored the building to its former splendor.

 November 1977  John Sieber  
 Laurel MS Jan 13,2006  Chris Patriarca
 Lincoln NE
an overall look at Lincoln Station from its northeast looking southwest
December 2000 Norm Finch  
 Lincoln NE
a closer look at the Amtrak depot proper (It occupies an addition to the original building on its north side)
 December 2000 Norm Finch   
 Lincoln NE
The steam locomotive on Track 1--Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy, #710--is a 4-6-0, identified on the driver cylinders as a "K4 Havelock, June 1901." It was given a cosmetic rebuild by Shop Services, Inc. of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa in January 1991 when it was moved from its former display location in Pioneers Park on the west side of Lincoln to this current location. The freight cars and caboose were added to the display at that same time when it was located here.
 December 2000 Norm Finch   
   Lincoln NE
The brick sculpture on the north wall of the depot is titled "Iron Horse Legacy: Nebraska Landscape 1871-1872." The sculptor is Jay Tschetter, and the work is (c) 1999 by Jay, and Yankee Hill Brick, a local brick yard/foundry. The work is approximately 12 ' x 45' overall.
December 2000  Norm Finch   
 Lincoln NE
close-up of the main portion of the intaglio
 December 2000 Norm Finch   
 Lincoln NE
inside shot of the
Great Hall of Lincoln Station
 December 2000 Norm Finch   
 Lorton VA
Auto Train Station
 July 15, 1999  Jeff Lubchansky
 Lorton VA
trhe new longer platforms and sidings
have greatly improved operations
April 21, 2001   Bill Hakkarinen
Los Angeles CA  Jan 26, 2000  Dick Leonhardt
Los Angeles CA  Sept 27, 2000  Bill Larduskey
  Los Angeles CA March 2005 

Owen Rafferty

 Louisville KY
This will be the new terminus of the Louisville-Chicago
"Kentucky Cardinal" (Nos. 850/851) service. Service is set to commence 12/4/01 with ceremonies, etc.

It was announced in April 2003 that service would be cut

The side view of the station in Louisville shows construction of the new Amtrak platform. A waiting room somewhere in Union Station is also slated to open 12/4/01.

 Nov 3, 2001  Chip Marcks
  Lynchburg VA
has two Amtrak stations. One is on the former Southern Railway mainline, the other is on the former N&W line. The Southern Railway station is called Kemper Street Station, and is still in use to this day. The N&W depot (located at Woodall Road) was used for the Hilltopper and Mountaineer back in the 1970s. However, Amtrak does not stop there anymore. The building is now used for offices
by the NS.

Pictured here is the Kemper Street Station. Please visit the Kemper Street Station section of the
Blue Ridge Chapter, NRHS website for more photos and information.
 1998  Wendell Russell

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