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 Location & Information


 Photo Credit
 Madison FL   July 2000  Craig Myers
 Madison FL
with an expensive typo
 July 2000 Craig Myers
Madison FL  July 2000 Craig Myers
 Manassas VA  April 1998

 Bill Hakkarinen
  Marshall TX (MHL)  2004  Jason Ownby
  Martinez CA  Dec 12, 2001  Pete Piszczek
Martinez CA  Dec 12, 2001  Pete Piszczek
no photo yet Martinsburg WV
stop for MARC and Amtrak
 Mattoon IL
from Street level
 April 26, 2000  Bill Hakkarinen
 Mattoon IL
showning track level
more to this IC staion than
meets the eye
 April 26, 2000  Bill Hakkarinen
 Maysville KY
from train #50
 1982  GR Harper
 Meridian MS  March 8, 2004  Chris Patriarca
Miami FL
Funtrain loco 378 in the lead
 March 11, 1999

 Bill Volkmer
 Miami FL
P-42 #7

 Bill Volkmer

 Michigan City IN
The building, which was formerly the
Michigan Central station, is not used by Amtrak.

Amtrak uses the shelter shown in the bottom photo

 August 2002  Ron Goodman

Middletown PA 

104 has stopped here with a Keystone Service train

Aug 19, 2000  Bill Larduskey
Midway depot in St. Paul MN
MSP (Minneapolis, St. Paul)
 March 2004  Greg Smith
 The new Milwaukee Airport
Amtrak Stattion (MKA)
In its ads, Amtrak will brag that it can take you from downtown Chicago to Milwaukee's airport for much less money than a Loop cab charges to O'Hare, and sometimes even faster.
 The new Milwaukee Airport
Amtrak Stattion (MKA)
Amtrak planners believe there are enough Chicago area passengers weary of congestion at O'Hare and Midway they'll pay $20 dollars to take the 78 mile, 74 minute trip from Union Station to GMIA.
 The new Milwaukee Airport
Amtrak Stattion (MKA)
January 18, 2005 - You now have a new option to fly out of Chicago and the suburbs. First you have to hop a train to Milwaukee. Amtrak now stops at Mitchell Field there.
 Mineola TX  Sept 2000  Bill Hakkarinen
 Minot ND  September 1998  Bill Hakkarinen
 Monroe, VA
and train #20 This is ALL GONE now. Station razed several years ago.Garland was en route to Washington to revel at the Amtrak 10th anniversary doings at Union Station.
 May, 1981 Garland Harper
Montpelier, VT
Montpelier Junction station in
Montpelier, VT. It is a station stop for the Vermonter (trains 55/56) but the station is no longer staffed. This is a backside view (it's the better
one) with the mainline in the background behind the station.
   Bill Larduskey
Mt Pleasent IA     

 Mystic CT

 June 1998
 Bill Hakkarinen

 Mystic CT

  Sept 18, 1999

 Dick Leonhardt

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