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   Station & Information  Date  Photo Credit
 Nampa ID February 1, 2000  Bill Volkmer 
 Naperville IL  March 3, 2000 Bill Hakkarinen 

 Narrows VA
This is from train #66. Normally #66 was two cars long.
This day, however, Amtrak was trying to promote the Hilltopper by offering one way trips for $1.00. HUGE crowd boarded at Bluefield. This day is significant in that this was the day that ELVIS died! The return train, #67, was delayed at Lynchburg for about 20 minutes. The Bluefield agent, who was riding, was told that he had an EMERGENCY call to make at Lynchburg. His wife, a die-hard Elvis fan, had heard the news and was in shambles.
New Haven CT  Nov 7, 1999  Bill Hakkarinen
 New Haven CT
The F40 has coupled on to the VERMONTER in "push" mode on . The train will run to Palmer, Mass. with an ex-Metroliner cab-control car in the lead. At Palmer, it reverses direction, and the F40 will lead through Vermont to St. Albans.
 Nov 5, 1999  Bill Hakkarinen
 New London CT  August 1996  Bill Hakkarinen
  New Orleans LA
is a true "Transportation Center"
and also hosts Greyhound
Bus Lines.
 Nov 17, 2000   Bill Hakkarinen
   Newport News VA  April 21, 2001   Bill Hakkarinen
  Newport News VA  Nov 21, 2001  Pete Piszczek
New Rochelle NY  Nov 7, 1999

 Bill Hakkarinen
New Rochelle NY  Sept 18, 1999

 Dick Leonhardt
Niles MI  September 1985

 Bill Hakkarinen
Normal IL  Nov 17, 2000  Mark Ciskey
  Norman OK  Jan 1, 2004  RP Griffin

 Ocala FL (OCA)  1998  Dwayne Robinson
   Ocala FL (OCA)

track looks alot better now!
  2005   Steve Sayles
   Ocala FL (OCA)   2005   Steve Sayles
   Ocala FL (OCA)   2005   Steve Sayles
   Odenton, MD
The station is now
used primarily for local MARC commuter service.
 April 28, 2003  Steve Okonski
 Old Saybrook CT  September 18, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
 Olympia / Lacey WA
Amtrak Talgo Equipment
departing southbound
 June 7, 1997  John Cooper
 Omaha, NE  September 2000   J Paul Richardson
 Orlando FL  Sept 18, 1999  Bill Hakkarinen

 Oxnard CA
 May 1996  Bill Hakkarinen

 Oxnard CA
 May 1996  Bill Hakkarinen

Pensacola, FL  November 2000.  John Paul Richardson
 Perrysville MD
primarily a MARC Station, but
Amtrak uses it also

 Dave Warner
Petersburg VA  May 1975  Bill Whitbeck
Philadelphia PA    Sig Case
 Philadelphia PA
Taken from the northeast corner
The 30th Street Station continues to see thousands of travelers every day - as it's builders intended - if not how they imagined (think Acela)
 January 7, 2000  Ran Barton
 Philadelphia PA
the plaque in the north waiting room
honoring George Gibb's "vision and tenacity of purpose" which lead to the introduction of the GG-1
 January 7, 2000  Ran Barton
 Philadelphia PA
the statue commermoating the PRR war dead from WWII
 January 7, 2000  Ran Barton
Pittsburgh PA
here is a view of the train shed
taken on April 2, 1998

 April 1996

 Bill Hakkarinen
 Pittsburgh PA
A view eastward of the Pittsburgh trian shed. The entrance is just visable at street level to the right
 Jan 18, 2000  John Cooper
 Plattsburgh New York
the former D&H station
It hosts the northbound and southbound Adirondack
(trains 68 & 69) daily
 October 25th, 2000.  Bill Larduskey
Plattsburgh New York  October 25th, 2000.  Bill Larduskey
Portland ME  December 25, 2001  Joseph Testagrose
Portland ME  December 25, 2001  Joseph Testagrose
 Portland ME  December 25, 2001  Joseph Testagrose
Portland OR

 September 1998
 Bill Hakkarinen
Portland OR  Nov 2, 2000  Christopher Fussell
 Portland OR  Nov 2, 2000  Christopher Fussell
 Portland OR
on a rainy evening
 December 2, 2000  Christopher Fussell
Prince WV  August 1997  Bill Hakkarinen

 need to fix image QuanticoVA 
located on the Quantico Marine Base
 April 21, 2001

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