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   Station & Information  Date  Photo Credit
  Raleigh NC
used by Amtrak in Raleigh since late 1987
ex-Southern station.
 Jan 13, 2001  Craig Zeni
Raton NM
thousands of Boy Scouts pass
thru this unmanned station on
their way to Philmont Scout Ranch every summer
Raton NM
the street side - the city is working on buying it - and the new Amtrak agent there says there may be a temporary station there soon

 July 15, 1999

 Jim Hebner
Rawlins WY
from the back of the eastbound Pioneer
 Oct 15, 1996  John Cooper
Red Wing MN

 July 1996
 Bill Hakkarinen
Reno NV
street side 
Rensselaer IN

 September 1998

 Bill Hakkarinen
  Rhinecliff, NY
Little in this building has
changed in a hundred years. Same seats, doors, ticket window (except the thick safety glass over it now), etc. Not sure when it was built, but it has obviously been around for a while. Former NYC depot,
 July, 1996  
  Richmond VA
the former Seaboard/C&O Main Street Station. there is talk of making this once again an Amtrak Station.

Great Shot!
 April 21, 2001  Bill Hakkarinen

   Richmond VA
The Main Street Station which just recently (December, 20, 2003) reopened to rail service after much fanfair and celebration. 
 Dec 20, 2003 BLR 
  Richmond VA  April 21, 2001  Bill Hakkarinen
   Rochester NY
This photo faces east. The platform was built in 1923 or so, ; the station is a 1974 AmBox, the
larger version. Now where near as cramped as Depew.
 February, 1990  Jeffrey D Oswald
  Rochester NY
Train 283 was so late that night it
came by after sunset. This is around 9 pm in early July. View from the southeast.
 July 8, 2001  Jeffrey D Oswald

 Rochester NY
plaques inside
   Jim Hebner
  Rockville MD
right next to a much larger
Washington Metro Station
 April 2007  Bill Hakkarinen
   Rocky Mount, NC
The train is the NB Carolinian, stopping today to switch its passengers to busses for the bridge to Richmond. There we boarded the train again. The Bus Bridge is temporary through June for the Carolinian and Palmetto, due to CSX trackwork. The bus bridge is Monday through Thursday, with full train service Fri-Sat-Sun.
 April 20, 2005  Bill Hakkarinen
   Rt 128 Westwood MA
 July 5, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
   Rt 128 Westwood MA
a new station for the Acela Service with a large parking garage are being built in the background
July 5. 1999  Dick Leonhardt
   Rt 128 Westwood MA  September 18, 1999  
   Rugby ND  August 1993  Mark Meyer

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