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   Information  Date  Photo Credit
.  Tacoma WA
no longer used by Amtrak
 July 1974  Dick Leonhardt
. from the southbound Coast Starlight.. The Tacoma Union Station is now, after extensive renovation, the
Federal District Court House. Next door is the Washington
State Historical Museum, a new building designed in the same style
 Jan 10, 1999  
.  Tampa FL  August 3, 1979  Dick Leonhardt
. Thomasville GA
The Floridian and the Louisville
leg of Auto-Train operated together
toward the end of the A-T service
from Louisville. The Floridian died Sept. 30, 1979, along with many
other long-distance trains that day.
 August 1977  GR Harper
.  Thurmond WV
Amtrak Nos 50/51 "Cardinal" service serve this as a flag
stop. The depot is located in the New River Gorge. The New
River runs directly behind the depot.
   Chip Marcks
.  Thurmond WV
This is the view from the 2nd floor bay window. The depot is staffed by National Park Service rangers. It
is open as a railroad museum as well as a flag stop for Amtrak's "Cardinal".Visitors are free to roam the depot which, is furnished as it was years ago.The depot is in a remote location but is well worth the visit. It's a perfect spot to photograph the "Cardinal" as well as the frequent CSX trains that pass
    Chip Marcks
. Ticonderoga, NY
probably built in the late 1980s. It replaced a station that was actually smaller than this, and in a different location about 2 miles away.
 Feb. 2000 Dan Halpert
.  Toledo OH  March 1994  Bill Hakkarinen
.   Toledo OH  November 2001  Raymond Jay Masters
.  Toronto ON Canada
used by Via Go AND Amtrak
 April 1980  Bill Hakkarinen
. Trinidad CO
from train #3
The Southwest Chief
 February 1977  GR Harper
.  Tucson AZ  July1999  Sandy Van Zandt
.  Tuscaloosa AL  Nov 17, 2000  Bill Hakkarinen
.  Tyrone PA  June 1995  Bill Hakkarinen

.  Vancouver WA  September 1998  Bill Hakkarinen
. Vancouver WA
along with some local color
 February 3, 1993  John Cooper
. VancouverWA
from the southbound
Coast Starlight..
 January 10, 1999  
. This night shot was taken just after the Vancouver, WA Amtrak station
was painted.
 Summer 2000  Mike Clark

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