Conrail Caboose Photo Archive
The N11 &N11E Transfer Class
The former Penn Central transfer cabooses in the N-11 and N-llE series are only 32' in total length, but have the same size crew enclosure (23' 6-3/4") as the earlier N6A/N9/N9E. Other spotting features are a wider platform side step, no roof overhang, and a simpler handrail system.Built by Penn Central in 1969 - 70 at their Despatch Shops in East Rochester NY.Three N-llE hacks from the Pennsylvania/ Reading Seashore Lines of New Jersey (an unheralded part of the Conrail superstructure), Nos. 250-252, also ended up on the CR tabulations as Nos. 18559, 18564, and 18565.





Photo Credit

18451  Columbus OH
Buckeye Yard
 July 1986 Jim Hebner
18451  Springfield OH  1977  Sonny Grewell
 18451  Columbus OH
Buckeye Yard
 1984  Chris Hebner
 18451  Springfield OH
Greenmont Yard
  Jim Hebner
 18451  Springfield OH
Greenmont Yard
Ok, Ok, too many shots of 18451
  Jim Hebner
18451  Springfield OH
Greenmont Yard
 March 8, 1980 Jim Hebner
18452  Central Ohio Dec 1984  from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
18453  Charleston WV  July 13, 1997  Jim Hebner
18455  Elkhart IN  Sept 21, 2001  Dick Leonhardt
 18462  Ft Wayne IN April 13, 1999 Chip Syme
18469  Altoona PA
note blanked windows
 Oct 4, 1997  Jeff Lubchansky
 18477  Clearfield PA Mar 15, 1986 Ross Jack 
 18486  Central OH    from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
 18486  Central OH     from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
18478  Avon Yard - out of service
Indianapolis IN
 Nov. 9, 1997  Jim Hebner
 18478  Union City IN  Aug 9 , 1998  Chip Syme
 18490  Minerva OH July 25, 1976  Chip Syme 
18490  Minerva OH   July 25, 1976  Chip Syme 
 18490   Minerva OH July 25, 1976   Chip Syme 
 18505 Detroit MI  May 2001  Ellis Veech
 18507  Sam Rea
fresh paint!
 May 29, 1993  Chip Syme
18507  South Kearny NJ
note the blanked windows
May 24, 1998  Jeff Lubchansky
18507  South Kearny NJ
the other side
must be hot and dark inside
 May 24, 1998  Jeff Lubchansky
18518 Trenton MI

 April 6, 1997
 Jeff Feldmeier
18526   Preserved at the Rochester and Genesee
Valley Railroad Museum. Visit it and their
other cabooses from that region.

Christopher R. Hauf
18526  Soon to be repainted into Penn Central green by the Rochester and Genesee
Valley Railroad Museum. Visit it and their
other cabooses from that region.

 August 31, 1997
 Jim Hebner
 18528  Ferrona Pa
built 11-69
 July 24, 1994  Patrick J Yough
 18541  Oil City PA  Dec 28, 1991  Chip Syme
 18541  Oil City PA  Dec 28, 1991  Ross jack
   18541  Oil City PA  May 12, 1998  Chip Syme
 18541  Oil City PA  May 12, 1998  Chip Syme

N11E There were 75 N11E transfer cabooses and were built by PC. They had an electrical system.
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Amtrak purchased at least four N11 or N11E from Conrail -
Any one know their former CR numbers?

 Philadelphia PA
Amtrak 14032 - Former CR??
Philadelphia PA - other Amtrak photos at his site TrainWeb

 May 13, 1997

 Steve Grande

 Amtrak 14033
Any one know former CR Number?

 June 24, 1998

 Bill Waller

 Rio Grande N.J
Preserved! by The Cape May Seashore Lines at the Rio Grande N.J Yard. visit Stan's RAILPIX-- Railroad Photo Gallery or What's New page

 July 4, 1998.

 Stan Feldman

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