Conrail Caboose Photo Archive
The N11E Transfer Class


There were 75 N11E transfer cabooses and were built by PC at the East Rocester Despatch Shops.

They had an electrical system.



 Location & Information


Photo Credit

 York PA  

T W Wolfgang
 Pavonia Yard
Camden NJ
 July 16, 1976  Harv Kahn


 Pavonia Yard
Camden NJ
 July 16, 1976  Harv Kahn
Sam Rae
ex PRSL 251
May 29. 1993 Chip Syme
Sam Rae May 29. 1993 Chip Syme


 Chicago IL
One of about Five sold to Amtrak in 1985?

 July 29, 1986

 Paul Hunnell
 Potsdam NY

July 12, 1985

 Gene Fusco
Lewistown Junction
The location is behind the station in the yard. The local to Burnham has just returned to the yard.
 July 1979.  John Sieber
 Bayview Yard, Baltimore, MD


 Ray Molesworth
 Rochester NY - not lettered as N11E but it's number is a N11E  

 Jim Hebner


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