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The N20 Class - ex Reading

In 1970 the Reading Railroad had International Car Company build twenty extended vision cabooses (Reading # 94100-94119). These cars wore the modern Reading green and yellow paint scheme. On startup day for Conrail (4/1/76) RDG 94110-94119 went to the D&H, and 94100-94109 went to Conrail. These were the only extended-vision cabooses on Conrail. Conrail classed them as N-20 and renumbered them 22130-22139.

length of 39 feet 1 1/2 inches between strikers; a
height of 14 feet 5 1/2 inches from rail head to cupola roof line; and a
width of 10 feet 7 1/2 inches between extended cupola sides.

  Location & Information Date Photo Credit
22130 Reading PA
back at home on the Rip Track in Reading Yard
Feb 25, 1997  Bob Waller
22131 Conway PA   unknown  from the
collection of
Chip Syme
 22131   Canton OH   July 15, 1995  Chip Syme
 22131  Canton OH
June 17, 1998  Chip Syme

22131 Louisville OH
after spotting a high
and wide transformer
   Don Narris
  22132  Rutherford PA  OCt 19, 1984 Ross Jack
22132  Quincy OH?  1984 or '85?  from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
22133  Overlook Bridge
Enola PA
   Tom Wolfgang
 22135  Cleveland OH
winter railroading!
 Dec 1976  Gary Morris
 22135  Kent OH
on the old EL main
at MP 191
Local WILO-1
 June 14, 1994  Chip Syme
22135  Lima OH
Cole St Yard
 January 1998  Allen DeLong
   22135   Lima OH
Cole St Yard
The other side
 Sept 1998  Jim Hebner
22136  Enola PA March 1984  Tom Wolfgang
 22137  unknown  unknown  from the
collection of
Chip Syme
22137  Rahway NJ
just beyond the NJT station
Nice to see a CR caboose in fresh paint in 1998!
Aug 15, 1998 Otto Vondrak
22137  Linden NJ
by the GM plant
the other side!
Sept 1998  Jeff Lubchansky
 22137 Metropark NJ   July 5, 2001  Jeff Lubchansky
 22138  Minerva OH
built 8-1970
March 6, 1977 Chip Syme

22139  near Catawissa PA
just delivered to Walt Gosciminski. Walt now has 13 CR cabooses
Visit Walt's site to see
what else he is up to!
 August 15, 1998  Jim Hebner


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