The N5H Class

N5H 18425-18429, 18430-18442
The N5H class included thirteen ex-Southen bay window cabooses (built in 1946), and five ex-Indianapolis Union Terminal bay window cabooses (built in 1947). The Southern cabooses were purchased by Penn Central in 1971 and relegated to yard service at various PC locations. Penn Central numbered them 18430-18442..

Conrail kept the Penn Central numbers.

One (18435 ) is known to survive today as part of a caboose hotel in Titusville PA

Penn Central Renumbering of Southern Cabooses
 Penn Central/Conrail Number    Southern Number
18430   2921
18431   3084
18432   3101
18433   3125
18434   3126
18435   3137
18436   3159
18437    3141
18438   3143
18439   3156
18440   3170
18441   3172
18442   3173


The Indianapolis Union Terminal hacks were originally numbered in the 250-256 series, which accounted for seven cars. Five went to Conrail and were renumbered 18425-18429. They were assigned to yard activity and also had the look of a typical Southern bay window caboose.


Location & Information


Photo Credit

18425  ex-Indianapolis Union Terminal  before Oct 1981   Frank A. Czbryt Jr.
18425  Rutherford PA
out of service?
Oct 19,1984 Chip Syme 
 18433  Conway Shop Aug 26,1985 Chip Syme 
 18435  Rutherford PA
out of service?
Oct 19,1984 Chip Syme 
18435  Titusville PA
Caseys Caboose Motel
painted semi Erie Lackawanna
 Aug 15, 1998  Jim Hebner
18435  the other side  Aug 15, 1998  Jim Hebner
18436 ex Southern - appears to be mid train and lettered as scrap Jan 23, 1979 from the
of Jim Hebner

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