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The N6A Class

N6A 18006-18194
The earliest of the classic Conrail transfer caboose was originally a New York Central design and construction. The five cars (most likely six ) of the N6 class (18000-18005) were the probable prototype for the N6A. None of the N6 class made it to Conrail

It is a 40-foot, 6-inch boxcar underframe and a welded crew cabin with a gently sloping roof line.

The NYC N-6A transfer cabooses were originally boxcars built during 1942-46 period. There were 146 built.

The N6A spelled the end for classic NYC wood caboose, whose number rapidly thinned as the new N6As were delivered.

I once heard or read that replacement of the old wood cabooses was part of a Union contract, but have been unable to confirm this.

Basic N-6A dimensions
length 41feet 9-1/2 inches
height 12 feet, 3 inches
width 10 feet 6-7/8 inches

Some photos seem to indicate that the end platforms were once wood - wood decks on each end platform have been covered with anti-skid paint. Can anyone confirm or refute?

18006  Columbus Ohio
Buckeye Yard
 November 11, 1982  Jim Hebner
18006  Springfield OH
Eagle City Road
the first N6A built
 October 1986  Jim Hebner
18006  Preserved! at Carlisle OH
built April 1966
the first N6A built
November 23, 1997  Jim Hebner
18008  Springfield OH
Greenmont Yard
   Jim Hebner
18016  Central Ohio?  mid 1980's?  from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
18028  Springfield OH October 1986  Jim Hebner
18036  Unknown location - I'd love to see what is behind the 18036  August 1978  from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
 18042 West Tarentum PA
built on the frame of a boxcar built 4-42 
 March 21, 1990 Patrick J Yough 
18047  Buckeye Yard
Columbus OH
Nov 11, 1982  Jim Hebner
18054 Canton OH  June 5, 1988 Chip Syme
 18061 Rutherford PA  Oct 19, 1984 Chip Syme
 18061 Rutherford PA  Oct 19, 1984 Chip Syme
 18090 PRR Mt Holly Depot
The owner of the deli in the depot has turned a Conrail caboose into a frozen custard stand. He wanted a "real" PRR caboose but got this instead, so he decided to spruce it up a bit.
May 26, 2003  Jack Eagle
      Dec 27, 2007  
 18100  Morrisville PA  Aug 1, 2003  Jeff Lubchansky
18105  Buckeye Yard
Columbus OH
July 6, 1980  Jim Hebner
18123  Buckeye Yard
Columbus OH
July 27, 1980  Jim Hebner

Three Rivers MI 

A real survivor!

July 2005   from the
collection of
Jim Hebner 
18143  Buckeye Yard
Columbus OH
 Aug 10, 1997  Jim Hebner
   18193 Rutherford PA  Oct 19, 1984 Chip Syme
18190 Frankfort Jct Yard Phila. PA
Quality Logo
99% sure of number
February 1996   Stan Feldman
   18193 Blue Island IL  Sept 2, 1988 Chip Syme
 18193 Blue Island IL  Sept 3, 1988 Chip Syme

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