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I am looking for a final Conrail Caboose roster and/or a list of what cabooses went to NS/CSX.


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 the N3 ex EL - 24 photos  the N8D class ex DL&W / EL - 19 photos
 the N3A ex EL - 18 photos  the N8 class ex-PRR class - 27 photos
 the N4, N4A & N4B ex Reading & CNJ - 31 photos  
 the N5 class - 54 photos  
 the N5A, N5E, N5F classes  the N6A Transfer Class ex NYC/PC - 12 photos
 the N5B class - 10 photos  the N9 & N-9E Transfer Class - 24 photos
 the N5C class - 31 photos  the N11 & N11E Transfer Class - 21 photos
 the N5G class ex PC/LV - 15 photos  the N11F Transfer Class - 6 photos (a non class)
 the N5H class - 8 photos  the N10 class ex Penn Central - 17 photos
 the N5K class ex ATSF/PC - 13 photos  the N12 class ex Penn Central - 20 photos
 the N5P class ex-PSRL N5s  the ex New Haven classes NE6, N8A, N8B - 34 photos
 the N7, N7A & N7C classes ex NYC 22 photos  the N20 class ex Reading - 19 photos
 the N7B class ex NYC  the N21 classes The true Conrail Caboose - 65 photos
 the N7D ex EL - 31 photos  the MW Cabooses 20 photos
 the N7E ex EL - 9 photos  the MGA ex Monongahela cabooses - 6 photos

Conrail Office cars and locos

Visit my Penn Central Caboose Photo Archive and
see over 130 Conrail Cabooses before the were Conrail cabooses
or a few Conrail Cabooses while they were still PC green and lettered for Penn Central.

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Tom Wolfgang's Conrail Cabin and Caboose Homepage - an excellent resource! Probably the best internet source of information about Conrail Cabooses. Some of the photos shown here are from his site. Some of my photos are on his... Check it out!

Conrail Historical Society


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Randy Mower's Fallen Flags of Conrail can be reached from his home page which also has other links

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Most of the photos on this site are from original photos/slides or submissions. Some photos are from the web - I have tried to get permission to use on all of them, but a few may have slipped through. Please, let me know if that has happened.



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Contributions welcome and credited.

Former PC cabooses still in PC green are in my Penn Central Caboose Photo Archive. These pages feature Conrail cabooses in service or out of service - as they appear today. In the future it may include what CSX/NS does to them/with them.

At this time most of these photos are mine. Hopefully that that will change and soon my photos would be out numbered by contributions.

Some photos are from the web - I have tried to get permission to use on all of them, but a few may have slipped through. Please, let me know if that has happened.