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Over 200 photos of PC cabooses

With photos of N5, N5B, N5C, N5E, N5F, N5G, N5H, N5K
N6A, N7, N7A, N7B, N8, N8A, N8B, N9, N9E, N10, N11, N11E, N12 and NE-6 classes
Recently confirmed yellow WOOD N4 in PC lettering #28001
see Rails Northeast April 1976 for a photo - believed to be PRR 475289 later preserved at Hollidaysburg

Recently confirmed some WOOD NYC cabooses were painted NYC green! #17404 a short plywood sided and a standard NYC
(need to confirm the #) and 17934 ex Michigan Central? - 4 windows

also painted green NYC standard caboose 19981 and 18428 in 1965

And a brown NYC WOOD standard - PCed by painting out the oval and painting PC has been reported


Trains Magazine reported that about 200 made it past the PC merger
it has been reported that PC purged all wood cabooses by/during 1971



 Amsterdam NY
Some NYC cabooses lasted until 1971

 1966 or 1968  Todd Roberts

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 the N5 Class ex-PRR  the N8 class ex PRR - 7 photos
 the N5A Class ex-PRR the N5K class - 7 photos
 the N5B Class ex-PRR  
the N5C Class ex-PRR  the ex New Haven NE-6 - 14 photos
 the N5D, E, F Classes ex-PRR  the ex New Haven N8A and N8B - 8 photos
 the ex LV N-5G class 8 photos  the N6 & N6A class - 11 photos
the N-5H class  the N9 & N9E class - 25 photos
. the N11 & N11E class - 7 photos
 the N7 class - 3 photos  
 the N7A class - 10 photos  
 the N7B and N7C class - 6 photos  the N10 class - built by PC
   the N12 class - built for PC

A train without a caboose is like a sentence without a period

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The car that railroad workers ride in at the end of a train is a caboose,
not a cabin.

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