Penn Central Caboose Photo Archive

The New PC Class N10

Fifty N-10 series cabooses were built in 1969 at Altoona. This was PCs most colorful class,
with members being painted 3 different colors.

Most of these cabooses were PC green, a few of them were covered with a metallic blue color and used solely in Detroit Edison Company unit coal train service between Monroe, Michigan, and the mines in West Virginia.

Five were painted dark green and used in Mail Train service.
Cabooses in this series were give four digit numbers

4750 was later repainted 24029
4751 was later repainted 24021
4752 was later repainted 24004
4753 was later repainted 24003
4754 was later repainted 24023

ALL N10s kept their Numbers when they went to Conrail
weight 66,700 Ibs

.  N10#  Location & Information Date Photo Credit
   24013  Rochester, NY
near B&O Lincoln Park Yard
   Jim Hebner
 24014  Central PA
probably was taken out of
service in May 1990
Will be restored to Penn Central
 May 16, 2004 Jim Hebner 

 Claysburg PA
At the Everett Railroad Shops getting inspected, air brake test and AEI tags before bieing shipped

Keith has a nice Everett Railroad web site

August 2005 Keith Burkey 
  24014   Duncansville PA
now letterred RPCX 24014. It is seen here ready to depart Duncanville Pennsylvania for Ohio
 Sept 16, 2004  Jim Hebner 
24014  Alltoona PA
RPCX 24014 in Rose Yard
starting the trip to Ohio.
The trip to Nelsonville Ohio took six weeks.
Sept 18, 2004  Jim Hebner 
24014 Nelsonville OH
Now on the
Hocking Valley Scenic Railway
Restoration has begin inside and out. The "R" and "X" have been sanded off making it PC 24014 again. The black areas are rust that has been treated.
Lower Left comer has a touch of PC green - it will be repainted that green
April 18, 2005  Jim Hebner 
 no photo yet  24015  scrapped July 10, 1971    
 no photo yet  24027  Sold by Conrail April 1980
never painted CR blue
24031  Rochester, NY
at the Amtrak Station
 June 1973 Jim Hebner
 24032 Beaver PA - on the P&LE
on Detroit Edison Unit Coal Train
 May 1973  George Albeati
 24045  Beaver PA - on the P&LE
on Detroit Edison Unit Coal Train - one of the metallic blue N10s assigned to DE service
 May 1973  George Albeati
 24045  Beaver PA - on the P&LE
on Detroit Edison Unit Coal Train - one of the metallic blue N10s assigned to DE service
 April 1973  George Albeati
 24046  Chicago Il 1973  
 24048  Rochester PA  Nov 1973  George Albeati
 24049  being restored by the Youngwood Historical & Railroad Museum
Youngswood PA
Sept 24, 2000  Rich Beaver 
 24049  Youngswood PA is approx 3 miles from interstate 76 exit "New Stanton" The station is located on the branch line "South West Pennsylvania" Seat 24, 2000  Rich Beaver 
 24049  end view
YoungswoodPA was home to one
of if not the first Hump Yard in the USA.
Sept 24, 2000  Rich Beaver 
 4751  Boston MA
one of the five dark green ones -used in mail train service
later repainted 24021
 July 1971  from the
collection of
Gene Fusco


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