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The N5B was a new design based on the original N5A design, incorporated all the safety improvements and used a Dureya underframe. Two key sighting points. The N5B had a vertical riveted strip of metal similar to the N5 belt rail running vertically on the middle of each side. A tool box was built into the body just above the sill by the A end. Its door was flush with the car side. There were 200 N5B units built in 1941 There were 150 N5B PC cabooses. Former PRR 477670-477819, they were renumbered into the PC 22800 series






22798  Watertown NY  August 1876  Jim Hebner
22799  Niagara Falls NY  April 1975  Dave Eckler
22838  Hagertown, MD  June 6, 1971  
22841  Allentown, PA  April 18,1976  
22845 Enola, PA May 23, 1976  
22864  Beaver PA
on the P&LE
 November 1973  George Alberti
 22865  Chatham NY  August 1976  Dick Leonhardt
 22873  Industry PA May 1972  George Alberti
22877  Niagara Falls NY  April 1975  Dave Eckler
22881  Dewitt Yard    Im Hebner
22887  Niagara Falls NY  April 1975  Dave Eckler
22990  Pittsburgh, PA  June 19,1977  David Hamley
22923  Mingo Jct. OH  October 1976  Jim Hebner
 22950  Reading PA
bad ordered in 5-78
probably on it's way to be scrapped
 June 1978  from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
 no photo yet
 Preserved as NH C-507 - built by in 1929 for the NH- became CR 20075 - acquired by the Railroad Museum of New England in 1985


Linton IN
Humphreys Park
off roster about 1970
the story of the cabbose is here


Mingo Jct


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