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The N-5H Class

N-5H 18425-18429, 18430-18442
The N5H class included thirteen ex Southen bay window cabooses (built in 1946), and five ex Indianapolis Union Terminal bay window cabooses (built in 1947).

The Southern cars were originally acquired by Penn Central in 1971 and relegated to yard service at various PC locations. Penn Central numbered them 18430-18442. The same numbers were used by Conrail.

PC 18430 was Southern 2921,
PC 18431 was Southern 3084,
PC 18432 was Southern 3101,
PC 18433 was Southern 3125,
PC 18434 was Southern 3126,
PC 18435 was Southern 3137,
PC 18436 was Southern 3159,
PC 18437 was Southern 3141,
PC 18438 was Southern 3143
PC 18439 was Southern 3156,
PC 18440 was Southern3170,
PC 18441 was Southern 3172,
PC 18442 was Southern 3173.


The Indianapolis Union Terminal cabooses were originally numbered in the 250-256 series, (seven cabooses). Five went to Conrail and were renumbered 18425-18429. They were assigned to yard activity and also have the unmistakable look of a typical Southern bay window caboose.


 N-5H #




18436  Danbury CT  Feb 19, 1978  Al Tillotson
18436  Macungie PA
It appears to be lettered as scrap.
Jan 23,1979  from the
collection of
Jim Hebner



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