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The N6 and N6A Transfer Cabooses


N6 ex-NYC Transfer

There were 6 N6, my feeling is that they were most likely built as a test for the transfer caboose program. There was an article ( maybe just a photo ) once in PC Railroader but I do not have that issue. Numbered 18000-18005. 18002 was scrapped early.

There is a photo in the Morning Star book Penn Central Color Guide. It looks like a 50' flat with a box like the N6A. The box had three windows on each side and no windows on the ends.

None of the class survived to become part of Conrail.

N6A ex-NYC Transfer

These were built to accommodate a union agreement to get rid of the old wood cabooses. They were built by the NYC/ Despatch Shops out of 1942-1946 vintage boxcars. there were 189 of them. NYC used Lot Numbers instead of letters to indicate classes. The early N6A was NYC Lot 977built 3-4-66 #18006-18055

the second part of lot 977 was bult in may of 1966 and was numbered 18056-18105


lot 121 inccluded car 18106-18155 built March 8, 1967

the second part of lot 121 was built May 11, 1967 cars 18156- 18194


lot 152 was built by PC an N9 in 1968

. N-6A # Location and Description  Date   Photo Credit
????? Detroit River Tunnel  April 28, 1969  from the
collection of
Jim Hebner 

A close up showing the as built wood decks. They lost the wood in favor of the steel grate... FRA ruling? or just common sense - they must have gotten slippery when wet! 

April 28, 1969    from the
collection of
Jim Hebner 
 18014  Buckeye Yard
Columbus OH
 September 1976  Jim Hebner
18078  Cleveland OH
Bridge One
   George Elwood
 18096  Greensburg IN  April 27, 1974  from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
18100  Buckeye Yard
Columbus OH
 September 1976  Jim Hebner
18103  Rochester NY  December 1971  Jim Hebner
18115 Bellfontaine OH November 1973   Jim Hebner
18117  Columbus OH  March 1976  Jim Hebner
18151   Allentown PA December 17, 1978  
18191  Mingo Jct OH  October 1976  Jim Hebner
 18???  Buckeye Yard  May 1977  Jim Hebner

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