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The ex-New York Central N7B & N7C Classes


There were 100 of this class built by the NYC Dispatch Shops in starting in 1963 as Lot 919. They retained their original numbers 21000-21099.

New York Central's last order for bay window cabooses was filled in 1963 when the company received a fleet of 98 N-7B's from D.S.I., including Nos. 21000-21099. Interestingly enough, the NYC numbers were retained through the successive PC and CR administrations .
Only 88 made it to the Conrail merger.


 N7B #




21007  Rochester NY    Jim Hebner
21008  Hagertown, MD
(incorrectly lettered N7A)
 Aug. 9, 1970  
21031  unknown  unknown  from the
Albert Phleep
 21049      Jim Hebner
21072  East Rochester NY  1970-71  Jim Hebner
21085  before being repainted  unknown  from the
Albert Phleep


There were only four N-7Cs, 21496-21499. They were built during 1965 by the International Car Company in Kenton, Ohio, for the Peoria & Eastern, a New York Central subsidiary.

While somewhat reminiscent of the earlier N-7A/N-7B cars, the N7C had a more sculptured bay window and less cluttered body style.

36 feet 7-1/4 inches long between platform end sills;
11-feet 9-5/8 inches high ( rail head to running board )
10-feet 7-1/4inches wide ( between bay window edges)
Weight was about 48,600 Ibs


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