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The ex PRR N-8 Class

Pennsy's last new caboose design was the 199 car N-8 series of 1950-1951. They originally carried PRR Nos. 478020-4752l9

At the PC merger, the 161 remaining cabooses were renumbered 23200-23402 .

18-20 N8's were sold to the Illinois Central Gulf by PC

The N-8 had a small streamlined cupola, and was particularly notable for its sidemounted handrails which were attached to steel carbody extenders that were about 4-feet high and jutted out about 2-feet over the end platforms to provide extra protection for brakemen standing outside the cabin. This was extra protection for a trainman hooping up orders.

35 feet 11-1/2 inches between strikers
9 feet 8 inches between side steps
13 feet 6-9/16 inches from rail head to the cupola top
Weight about 56,300 lbs





Photo Credit

23201 Rochester PA   November 1973  George Alberti 
 23204  Herkimer, NY
Eastbound freight, mainline
 1977  Michael Fullerton
23241  Vanport PA July 1973   George Alberti 
 23291    July 1977  Jeff Finch
 Enola Yard  April 1972  Jim Hebner
23378  As it appears today - preserved as PRR 478144 ! Click here to view it and others at Walt Gosciminski's web site  1996  Walt Gosciminski
   23203  Rochester, NY
red "P"
 June 1973  Jim Hebner
23308    April 7, 1975  
23390  Columbus OH
Buckeye Yard
 September 1976  Jim Hebner
23402  Cleveland OH  June 21,1975  David H. Hamley
4724  Vanport PA
This image was pulled from a VERY dark slide. It does give some idea where the lettering was
 July 1973  George Alberti
 4716  westbound freight near
Van Dyke, PA
1975?  John Sieber
 199102  at some point at least12 are believed to have been sold to ICG    credit coming
 232??  Cleveland Ohio
this dark slide does show the farily rare stripe scheme. To bad that pole leaped in to the photo
 March 1976  Jim Hebner

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