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   North of Detsero CO

DRGW 3089 leads 392 & 295
with train 5 with 15 cars
 July 16, 1987  Larry T Todd
939 North Elizabeth NJ Sept 17, 2002 Al Tillotson
  52 Cajon Pass CA
train 3
Jan 8, 1999 Al Tillotson
570 unknown June 1977 JF Garcia
  128 Gary IN
A receding shot of #32's eastbound express with P42 #128 on the rear.
March 5, 2006 Mike Rapchak Jr
  32 Gary IN
Out of the afternoon's snowstorm materializes an Amtrak express, eastbound out of Chicago on the NS mainline at Pine Junction and led by P42DC #32.  
March 5, 2006 Mike Rapchak Jr
  Mukilteo WA
Southbound CASCADES
March 13, 2006 Joe O'Connell
    229 leads coach 21864 in train 581
The San Diegian
at Del Mar CA
Dec 29, 1985 Bob Schmidt
    450 lead train 581 at
Oceanside CA
Dec 29, 1985 Bob Schmidt
    The Lone Star (train 15) rolling through Southern Oklahoma Oct 6, 1974 Bob Schmidt
    299 leads the
Kansas City Mule
(train 358)
at Centertown MO 
June 11, 1980 Bob Schmidt
  903  903 in the Wilmington Shops  June 1977 S Gregory
   Il Zyh 252 and 283 provide power for the Illinois Zephyr  Nov 5, 1978
    Parkesburg PA
Amtrak 129, on Keystone Train 641, goes past the old " PARK " tower in route west . This small town is where the old PRR
Enola low grade line connected with the Harrisburg to Philly main. The cut off has long been closed and is slated to become a trail.
 April 2006 Canal Lee
 Albany/Rensselaer NY
Winter 93/94
John Mech
  Albany/Rensselaer NY
 Feb 1995
 John Mech
  Hudson NY
 Winter 93/94
 John Mech

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