Conrail Caboose Photo Archive
The N4, N4A and N4B classes
former Reading and CNJ

N4 18705-18763 (Ex Reading 92834-92878 and 92881-92928)

Conrail inherited the Reading class NMj (built 1936), the NMk (built in 1937), the NMl class (built in 1941) and the NMo class (built in 1944), and the NMp class (built in 1948).

The ex Reading cabooses were 30' 4-13/16" long between end sills; 9' 6.5" wide between platform step edges; and 13-feet, 8-1/2-inches high from rail head to cupola roof. Average weight was around 46,000 lbs. for early all steel vans and 40,000 Lbs. for the final batch of 21 NMP's of 1948.

Thanks to John W Hall for some info corrections





18714  Dewitt Yard  July 2, 1979  Jim Hebner
18719  Mansfield OH
out of service but on CR rail
 March 9, 1997  Jim Hebner
18722  Catawissa PA
ex-Reading 92837
as Walt received it
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 1996  Walt Gosciminski
18722  Catawissa PA
restored to Reading 92837
Click here to view Walt's web site 
 1996  Walt Gosciminski
18726  Dewitt Yard  July 2, 1979  Jim Hebner
   18735  Sharon PA
Ferrona Yard
March 7, 1985  Chip Syme
  18736  Rutherford PA Oct 19, 1984  Chip Syme
18735  Lewisburg PA
ex RDG 92897 part of a display at a dinner train.

Visit Arnie Morscher's Railroad Photo Site
 May 14, 1989  Arnold H Morscher
 18735  Lewisburg PA
incorrectly painted Reading 92827
  Jim Hebner 
  ?????  Lewisburg PA
incorrectly painted Reading 92837
Walt Gosciminski has the real 92837
  Jim Hebner  
  ?????  Lewisburg PA
the other side
anyone know the real Conrail number?
  Jim Hebner   
18745 Oswego NY
Oswego Yard
  Jim Hebner  
18747  Baltimore MD
former Reading 92911
 Feb 20, 1983  Roger Huber
from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
18752  Ridgefield NJ
preserved as Reading 92887 by
United Railroad Historical Society
of New Jersey
 Nov 30, 1997   Jeff Lubchansky
  18754  Clearfield PA Aug 16, 1984  Chip Syme
 Stillwater OH
as it appeared in 1997
Built 1941 - rebuilt/restored to
current look 1983
Anyone know the real Conrail number?
 Sept 1997  Jim Hebner

MOVED! east of I-71 and State Rt 97 in Ohio 

Looks like it will be returned to a section of display rail and a baggage car as well
Anyone know the real Conrail number?

 Nov 26 2006   Jim Hebner
92832  Did not join Conrail - now restored to Reading 92832 by the Reading Railroad Museum at the Leesport PA yard    Charlie Murphy

 Ringos NJ
ex Reading class NMd
built in 1924
never was a Conrail caboose
   Jeff Lubchansky


N4A 18800-18859
(former Reading 94002-94049 and 94050-94074).


 Location & Information


Photo Credit

 Dewitt Yard
 July 2, 1979
 Jim Hebner
18816  Charlotte NY    Jim Hebner
18816   Charlotte NY
another view on the same day
    Jim Hebner
18822  Baltimore MD
former Reading 94048
Feb 20, 1983  Roger Huber
from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
   18826  Rutherford PA Oct 19, 1984  Chip Syme
   18836  Canton OH
WYMA 1-2
 Feb 18, 1987   Chip Syme
18836  Nelsonville OH    
18836  Nelsonville OH  April 4, 1993  Roger Kirkpatrick
  18838   Buffalo Ny
Seneca Yard
Sept 9, 1988   Chip Syme
18848  Jim Thorp PA  July 16, 1994  David Schnell
Mike Farrell collection
18852  Catawissa PA ex Reading 94054 as Walt Gosciminski received it. Click here to view his web site   1996  Walt Gosciminski

 Catawissa PA
ex Reading 94054 under restoration -
he has 13 Conrail cabooses -
Click here to view his web site 

 1996  Walt Gosciminsk
 18857  Leesport Pa  15July94  David Schnell
Mike Farrell collection
18827  Before renumbering!    Roger Kirkpatrick

N4B Conrail #18860-18890

Conrail's N4B cabooses from the Central Railroad Company of New Jersey. The CNJ built 50 all-steel cupola style in 1942; (CNJ #91500-91549).

Thirty eight made it to the Conrail , seven are known to be preserved.

In the early 1950's the window behind the coal stove on each unit had a metal plate welded in it's\place . In 1970's, wire mesh screening was placed on all the lower carbody windows.

The CNJ caboose were based on the Reading Company's basic design of the mid-1920's. This styling also showed up on Western Maryland, Lehigh & New England, and Lehigh Valley cabooses. Generally referred to as the "Northeast" style.
The Reading provided subassemblies for the CNJ cars.

32 feet 6 inches long
9 feet 3 inches wide
13 feet 6 inches high

.  N-4B # Location & Information Date Photo Credit
 18863  Ridgefield NJ - former CNJ 91544
preserved by
United Railroad Historical Society
of New Jersey
 Dec 7, 1997  Jeff Lubchansky
 18868  unknown  pre October 1981  Frank A Czubryt Jr
18870  Whippany NJ
preserved at the
Whippany Railway Museum
restored to CNJ 91529
 Sept 1996  Jeff Lubchansky
 18870  Whippany NJ
restored to CNJ 91529
the other side
 Dec 14, 1997  Jeff Lubchansky
 18873  New London OH
preserved as CNJ 91539
 March 10, 1997  Jim Hebner
 18876  photographed before Conrail
CNJ 91509
 ??  from the
collection of
Albert Phleep
 18879  Enola PA
Enola Yard
 early 1980's  Tom Wolfgang
 Jim Thorpe PA  July 16, 1994   David Schnell
Mike Farrell collection

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