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The N9 & N9E Classes

N9 Nos. 18195-18354
The first N9s were built by Penn Central in May 1968 at it's Despatch Shops in East Rochester NY. The PC N-9, and N-9E, account for another 140 cabooses built after the N6A.

A few of the N-9 cars came from the Peoria & Eastern. Some were also built of the P&LE but with slighty different windows.

The main spotting difference between the N6A and the N9/N9E class was originally the N6A had roof walks while the N9/N9E did not and the N9/N9E were originally heated with propane. It did not take the railroad long to return to kerosene heat. After the roof walks were removed from the N6As, telling them apart with a glance is more difficult.

Basic N-9/N-9E dimensions were the same as the N6A.


18195  Cadiz OH Nov 5, 1984  B. McCracken
18195  Central OH?   from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
18201  Conway PA Nov 11, 2001  Chip Syme
  18201  Conway PA  May 10, 1989  Chip Syme
   18203 Macedonia OH
Motor Yard "MO-18"
Does the "MO" mean "Motor Yard"?
Visit Arnie Morscher's Railroad Photo Site
 August 2, 1989  Arnold Morscher
18213   Buckeye Yard
Columbus OH
 July 20, 1983  Jim Hebner
18216  Buckeye Yard
Columbus OH
 July 20, 1983  Jim Hebner
 18216 Clearfield PA  Mar 15, 1986  Ross Jack
   18216 New Castle PA  Oct 24, 2001  Chip Syme
18216 New Castle PA  Oct 24, 2001  Chip Syme

18220  Springfield OH
Greenmont Yard
 Nov 13, 1977  Jim Hebner
 18220  Springfield OH
Greenmont Yard
 March 4, 1979  Jim Hebner
 18224  Clearfield PA Mar 15, 1886  Chip Syme

18236  Moraine Yard
Dayton OH
 Jan 5, 1997  Jim Hebner

18238  Buckeye Yard
Columbus OH
 June 8, 1997  Jim Hebner
 18241  Youngstown OH   May 4, 1986   Ross Jack
 18241  Youngstown OH   May 4, 1986   Ross Jack
18243  Bellfontaine OH  March 8, 1980  Jim Hebner
   18243  Springfield OH
not the sharpest of scans

18259 Canton OH  Oct 1, 1986  Chip Syme
18275  Columbus OH
Buckeye Yard
18275  Central OH?    
 Bridgeport NJ
now working for the SMS
former CR 18276
Dec 15, 2001  Jeff Lubchansky
18278  Charleston WV  July 13,1997  Jim Hebner

 18285  Twinsburg OH
"Twin" MP102.9
Apr 24, 1999   Chip Syme
18303  Preserved! by the
United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey Ridgefield Park NJ
 November. 30, 1997  Jeff Lubchansky
18321  Moraine Yard
Dayton OH
 Jan. 5, 1997  Jim Hebner
 18321  Sharon Yard
Cincinnati OH
 February 1, 1998  Jim Hebner
18322  Indianapolis IN
Hawthorn Yard
 September 27, 1998 Jim Hebner 
 Plymouth MI
nearing Farmer Street.
May 2006  Robert 
 18343  Springfield OH  July 1984  Jim Hebner
 18349  Buckeye Yard
Columbus OH
 November 11,1982  Jim Hebner
18350  Indianapolis IN
Hawthorn Yard
 September 27, 1998  Jim Hebner

N9E 18355-18394


Location & Information


Photo Credit

  18362  Oak Island NJ
the report is that it may
be rebuilt
 March 5, 2003  Jeff Lubchansky
18363   Conway Yard PA May 21, 1978   
 18368   Erie PA Sept 4, 1997    Chip Syme
 18374  Erie PA Sept 16, 1993  Chip Syme
 18376  Lackawanna NY  June 5, 1987  Gary Zuters
 18379  Rochester NY
Goodman St Yard
   Jim Hebner
18381 Preserved! shown as Walt Gosciminski received it
Click here to view Walt's site. - has been restored into Penn Central colors
June 1997 Walt Gosciminski
   18381  As it is today -
back in PC paint
 Aug 15, 1998  Jim Hebner
18393  Oak Island NJ
the report is that it may
be rebuilt
 March 5, 2003  Jeff Lubchansky

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